Black Monday

Another “teen idol” turns “slut” in this society and somehow we are surprised?

The wife left for work with the TV on something called the entertainment channel, God, it hurts, I can almost feel my brain cells dying off.

BTW one of the photos of “Hannah” shows her giving the “sign of Satan” which I am sure the Illuminati watchers all picked up on.  Aw, crap, they don’t watch TV.…

Aside from that I have come to the conclusion that the internet and alot of technology in general sucks.  It is more about constructing constructs of control and letting these evil memes seep into the mainstream and society itself.  Stay with me as I am going to jump around incoherently.

538,000 hits on Vista sucks, and yes it does.  A large part of the usefulness of my fried Winblows 98 machine was copying DVDs.  Now I never sold any of them but the tinyest scratch leaves a movie going er….er…….er… stuck on the very same patch of movie again and again.  The improvement in HD DVD is that brand new movies untouched by human hands do this right out of the box.

The urban ledgend is to shake the case before you buy it, if it rattles in any way grab another copy.

Much of the reason for Vista is Digital Rights Management or rather making yet another giant step towards the dystopian future world a la “Gattica”.  You all know that DVDs and the playing of said DVDs are subject to seven regions of the world.

The other part of the bloatware you need 1 gigabyte to run ensures that administrator/parent/power user has total control over the lesser untermensch a God like entity like you might allow use of such wonderous technology.

Can you say subliminal fascistic meme?

Quite sure the other 500 megabytes reports your every keystroke to the friendly benevolent shitheads at NSA room 4871B.  I name all of my computers “ME” and even though the policy is to place zero personal identifying information on a product of Microshaft somehow with time I get personalized emails containing my address.  Secure?   Bite me!

For true comic relief I have by chance found homeland stupidity which brings up a variety of excellent sites.…

But back to the internet.  Having spent hours searching the correct MSDOS config and autoexec files and the totally obsolete concept of buying software once, installing it and then having it not change every ten seconds or have to be “activated” every 90 days.  Having a requirement of virus/spam/popup/spyware blocking software which misses the mark or takes over your machine.  Computing is on the downward slope of the usability curve in this mans opinion.

In the Vista sucks sites I did see the keyword “unmaintainable” spoken by a geek even more geeky than I am.  The US government should have anti-trusted the minions of Microshaft when they had the chance.

Ever increasing is the PAY for “SERVICES” theme.…

Yes, I want to look at that one.  Years ago the internet did provide free databases which could be tapped for such things.  Such things useful to most humans today are moving towards pay for service databases.

So we can still use the internet for activism, right.  Yeah, well the problem here is that anybody but anybody can have their own blog which takes away from any hope of unifying people around a common cause.  Well there are 5 giga-causes infinitely unfindable plus having a credibility rating of two cents.

Mr Crashing No Gates is a perfect example.

Moving on a watercooler discussion of the latest in American Scamerica scams is pre-paying the principle on loans.  The idea is that if you send in extra cash on a car or other loan don’t assume that the outsourced Indian processors or their fat cat corpo bosses have adjusted their systems to reflect that.  It takes two days on the phone (mostly on hold) to correct extra payments that the loan company “just happened” to apply to interest only.  You may think you are three months ahead yet the repo tow truck is in your driveway.  Do you in fact have ironclad give to the lawyer proof that you in fact did pay ahead.  Remember it’s a digital world and your record depends upon your ability to reproduce it.

In the end I really don’t want to steal software which is a product of the work of honest people but then again I don’t wish to go through life with a rectal probe up my ass either.  Either way any concern may be very shortlived when the choice comes down to broadband internet and TV or food.

Life sucks then you die and then bitch to the Lord so bad he lets you come back for the final horse ride.

Peace and feel free to call them on their bullshit.  Thinking outside the box they have constructed deliberately for you is highly encouraged.  


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    • RiaD on April 29, 2008 at 4:35 am

    i DO think you are exactly correct re:microsoft… i’m sure they check on every keystroke….

    i just don’t give a damn anymore.

  1. I love it when at the most touching, heartbreaking part of the movie, the image starts to go er-er-er-er, like a broken robot. The family starts rolling in the aisles, tears in their eyes, and imitates the great speech of the movie with its mechanical stutter.

    Gonna go back to conversation and a glass of wine by the fire as my night’s entertainment.

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