Sign ze papers, or you don’t work here

In this one I stated how the company you work for owns you.  I have the pdf file which says.…

Employees can be held liable for damages to the company.

Thing two now comes at my wife.  The “health care” company she works for has demanded she sign her rights away or get zero hours next week.

If you have not signed the agreement you will be removed from the schedule.

In Amerika signing under duress constitutes an “agreement”.

The “agreement” in question is not really an agreement then is it.  Boss says sign this or you don’t work here.  The “agreement says if boss ruins life of employee, employee must go to boss’s friends kanagroo court arbitration company to settle any “dispute” between company and employee.

Yes, Google now returns 185,000 hits where you can read all about the 14 characteristics of fascism. Corporate power is protected, labor power is supressed.

Now who are we talking about here?  Well people who staff the nursing/rehabilitation home making little above the poverty line.  Those without the means to hire a lawyer.  Mostly women who dare not question something contrary to Mom and Apple Pie not to mention war upon war to defend “our freedom”.  Like a Cheech and Chong moment “Sign ze papers old man” a new administrator with his masturbating business assholianism degree gets to protect his interests over the folks who put your mother to bed at night.

All of this may seem minor given the current scenarios we face.  The selection of our next Manchurian, the impending mushroom cloud over Iran or 1929 was a really good year, but this is personal so I’m off the see my Apocalyptic horse.

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