Radical Leftist Ron Paul Lone Vote Against Israel’s Occuptation.

Siding with unions and socialists groups across the European Union and the Americas, well know international leftist Ron Paul was the lone vote of dissent on a Resolution to absolve Israel of the collective punishment war crimes.

   Today Congress passed a resolution (HR 951) condemning Palestinian rocket attacks that include a strident defense of recent Israeli tactics in the Gaza Strip. The resolution also condemned Iran and Syria for “sponsoring terror attacks,” and demanded that Saudi Arabia publicly condemn Palestinian actions.

   The resolution was originally introduced in January, but contains new language including a passage saying that that “those responsible for launching rocket attacks against Israel routinely embed their production facilities and launch sites amongst the Palestinian civilian population, utilizing them as human shields” and “the inadvertent inflicting of civilian casualties as a result of defensive military operations aimed at military targets, while deeply regrettable, is not at all morally equivalent to the deliberate targeting of civilian populations as practiced by Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorist groups.

There is no word when Ron Paul while again raise the banner of solidarity with his fellow human beings demanding all human beings be protected from war crimes.

There is also no word on where the supposed “left” of the Democratic Party was during the voting.

The Resolution passed 404-1.

The agitprop of the hard-core pro-people power, and known peacemonger, Ron Paul went on to say:

Madam Speaker: I rise in opposition to H. Res. 951. As one who is consistently against war and violence (Tree Hugging Commie!), I obviously do not support the firing of rockets indiscriminately into civilian populations (Doesn’t support the troops!). I believe it is appalling that Palestinians are firing rockets that harm innocent Israelis, just as I believe it is appalling that Israel fires missiles into Palestinian areas where children and other non-combatants are killed and injured (Apologist!).

Unfortunately, legislation such as this is more likely to perpetuate violence in the Middle East than contribute to its abatement (Surrender Monkey!). It is our continued involvement and intervention – particularly when it appears to be one-sided – that reduces the incentive for opposing sides to reach a lasting peace agreement (Hates America!).

Additionally, this bill will continue the march toward war with Iran and Syria (When did Ron Paul stop beating his wife!?!!), as it contains provocative language targeting these countries. The legislation oversimplifies (Intellectual Elitist!) the Israel/Palestine conflict and the larger unrest in the Middle East by simply pointing the finger at Iran and Syria (Wants smoking gun to be a mushroom club!). This is another piece in a steady series of legislation passed in the House that intensifies enmity between the United States and Iran and Syria (Ron Paul attended a madrassa!). My colleagues will recall that we saw a similar steady stream of provocative legislation against Iraq in the years before the US attack on that country (Hates America!).

I strongly believe that we must cease making proclamations involving conflicts that have nothing to do with the United States (Isolationial Fearmonger!). We incur the wrath of those who feel slighted while doing very little to slow or stop the violence (Not with us, against us!).

As of press time, there was no word on where the “left” of the Democratic Party stood, but it was obviously to the RIGHT of Ron Paul on this issue.


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  1. …the democratic party stood by following the roll call link on this page:


    here are four telling ‘therefores’ in the resolution:

    (6) regards these rocket attacks and the fostering of terrorism in the Palestinian territories as direct hindrances to the peace process in the region;

    (7) recognizes that the rocket attacks against Israel would not be possible without the material support of the Governments of Iran and Syria;

    (8) calls on all nations, including Egypt, to take affirmative, transparent, verifiable steps to stop the flow of rockets and other terrorism-enabling materials (including human resources) to the Palestinian territories; and

    (9) reaffirms the strong and unyielding friendship between the governments and the people of Israel and the United States.

    sets the stage quite nicely for a bit of conflagration in the summer, early autumn, with attacks on iran and/or syria.  the threat to egypt is merely a request for egypt to wall up the southern border in order to kill as many palestinians as possible…

    ron paul is a fucking idiot, and his vote here is outstanding, but, completely insufficient…  

  2. I can’t imagine that he’d support the resolution.  Any idea where he was on this?

  3. Can there be any doubt where the greatest influence to US foreign policy lies?

    This is largely the result of propaganda designed to justify bringing down Iran and Syria, the only remaining threats to US hegemony in the oil-rich Middle East.

    Paul is more libertarian (non-authoritarian) “right” than “left”.

    Lots of torture has been out-sourced to both Egypt and Syria, detainees picked up and renditioned by the CIA … for whatever that fact might be worth because, as we’re so often reminded by bush and his lying lackeys, “America. Does. Not. Torture.”

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