Pony Party…..Lined!

Thursday,  I  Think  Seriously,  About  Stupid  Shit

Yesterday in ek’s Morning News  the 51st story says happiness is inherited… at least in part.

Well what about the other part?


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    • RiaD on March 7, 2008 at 00:20

    How y’all tonite? I’m tired….

  1. a glass of wine or  other substance of choice can help with the temporary type of happiness. Of course, if you want to get very serious and studied, about the state of happiness you probably have to study stuff and think about stuff and meditate about stuff.

    My issue with happiness is that it has achieve a vaguely creepy status in  our popular culture with an entire self help industry filled with gurus, books, etc etc all telling one the secret to happiness as if it is a crime not to be 100% happy every single day of one’s life. I like being happy myself but a bit of unreconstructed crankiness seeping into life is just a matter of…. life… happening.

  2. i’ve stopped thinking that all i want is to be happy.

    i know this will sound strange, but too much of a good thing is boring.

    but i do always savor my optimism. i anticipate my moments of happiness and love it when, out of the blue, i am thunder-struck joyful.  

    • nocatz on March 7, 2008 at 01:10


    I didn’t really care for any of those RiaD.

  3. writing in the raw tonight

    i can’t wait for her debut… so if you’re around, stop by!!!!

  4. denizens of ponyland

    Stopping by for a slow scream followed by a brief shriek. That is about how I’m feeling these daze.

    Hope y’all are peachy.

    • RiaD on March 7, 2008 at 03:22

  5. no tracy yet…  when do you suppose her 10pm is??? i really did mention 10pm EST…

    oh. well. i’m a little bit stressed. most of the pictures are off the walls. most everything is packed away and yet there seems to be an unending stream of shit everywhere

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