Pacific Fleet Movements……

Hard to figure these days.  The Illuminati watch boards said something about a response to the incidents going on in Tibet.  This can’t be so.  We would anger our benevolent trading partners?  American/western world CEO’s cash cow?  I think not.

Yes, South American countries that have oil, now you’re talking!

I would love to get into the fine little details most Americans love to dig into but I don’t really have any.  I have this distrust, no rampant hatred of anything M$M and must confess the very idea of US Naval fleet movements came from a 911 truth board.  M$M offends me.  I find the way media constructs their “stories” most often promotes one of the 14 characteristics of fascism.

I am fully convinced the US government did 911.

I know no political party is going to save us.  The Bilderburg Group has agreed to let the US bomb Iran, no troops, just bombing.

Enforcement of rules for any financial institution does not exist.  The medical establishment is looking more like Dr. Strangelove’s play pen every day.

The puppy chucking Marine story is behind us and Sibel Edmond revelations too.

Strange absence lately of cops tazing 70 year old wheelchair bound women.

Nanotech is entering our food supply.

Bees are still dying.

Oh, here we go, US Blocks Venezuelan food purchase.…

Happy trails, off the feed the Apocalyptic Horses.


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    • Pluto on March 21, 2008 at 07:56

    Calculated the future value of the dollar — in their latest report published yesterday — after the joint US/Israel attack on Iran. They assume a 70 percent likelihood the attack may come as early as summer, or soon after the first US bank fails — whichever comes first.

    A Typical Footnote of many:

    (4) — wishes to stress the fact that in the case of a combined US/Israel attack on Iran this year, our US dollar index estimations for the end of 2008 would be even worse. About the rumours suggesting that a concerted action of the central banks will put a stop to the plummeting of the US currency, they do not have any basis: a similar action can no longer be implemented because central banks now have diverging interests due to the decoupling of the world’s largest economic regions, as anticipated by — many months ago. The collapse of the US Dollar is the result of a US economy in recession and a related devaluation by 50 percent against the other big currencies.

    I watched the Stennis leave, today.

    Then, I bought currency futures based on the projected date that the US be attacking Iran. (You’ll notice that Bush and Cheney mention Iran in every single speech — although it is usually out of context. Even that goon McCain is doing it.)

    I hope to be out of the US before they “postpone” the 2008 election.

  1. US elites trying to keep their hegenomy intact in the face of electoral defeats there?

    Love your succinct style and take on things Horseman, keep it up, even in the face of very few comments. A whole lot of people may be helped by you even though they don’t say anything, or even acknowledge what you are saying.

    Cosmically tipped, and recc’d

    • KrisC on March 22, 2008 at 04:19

    for Exxon/Mobil to take over the oil fields in question…

    A UK judge has overturned a decision to freeze $12 billion of Venezuelan assets awarded to Exxon Mobil in a setback to the oil giant’s fight to win compensation for a seized oil project but a boost for leftist President Hugo Chavez.

    “This is the beginning of the end of the harassment campaign Exxon instigated against Venezuela,” the ambassador (Venezuela’s Ambassador to Britain, Samuel Moncada) said at the High Court, outside of which supporters had displayed signs declaring “Hands off Venezuela” and “Exxon Corporate Terrorist.


    I doubt Exxon will give up on this too easily…hey, we went to Iraq for them…why not Venezuela?

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