Tom Petty sings

Super Bowl Sunday, the epitome of Americana.  Lest there not be another wardrobe malfunction.  A geriatric rendition of “I won’t back down”.  I find this sort of a lost cause in today’s “post 911 HR 1955 world”.

While the words and the music may touch my soul the real substance of the matter escapes me as I continue my persuit of establishing the date on which I get to mount my Apocalyptic horse.  As Biblical Apocalypses go God has given me the impression that the fire and brimstone normally associated with Biblical Armageddon scenarios need not be accompanied by physical destruction of all humanity itself but might instead relate to a radical “change” in the attitudes of people.  In legalese it is the Ghandi escape clause.

The next song was “free, free falling”, kind of like WTC 1,2 and Seven.

I submit all of you are making a difference.  Your observations of reality, the echo of your blogposts into NSA HQ room 423B are making a diference.  Your watchful eyes stabbing the heart of evil deceptions in political thinking are making a difference.

Rational thinking I hope will prevail, if not we are toast.

He is a cool horse though.

Be creative in your own personal White Rose opposition endeavors.


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    • pfiore8 on February 4, 2008 at 5:04 am

    peace to you Lasthorseman.

    you definitely add something to this place…  

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