Pony Party: Fractalicious

I just started playing around with this program:  Ultra Fractal 4.  I don’t know the first thing about programming the fractals, but I downloaded a bunch of other people’s free code and I’m learning to manipulate it.    Mostly I’m just selecting sections, zooming in/out, and  playing with the color schemes.  I have a ridiculously big 30-inch monitor so the detail is really mesmerizing on my screen.    Hard to do it justice here – but if you click the pics you can get a slightly bigger size.  





One of the cool things you can do with the program is animation.  I haven’t tried that yet but there are a ton of these on YouTube (just search for Fractal Animation).

Abierto Threado – No recommendo.  



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    • RiaD on January 16, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    that is SOooo cool!!

    that’s what i think the truth of life the universe & everything is…. what i tried to explain once upon a time…

    here: http://www.dailykos.com/storyo

    but that video just does it so much better. thanks.

  1. http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~

  2. it was in a book on how to write programs for fractal pictures 🙂  From what I recall it’s also tied into chaos theory.  

    The programming was way too complicated for me to make any of the pretty ones at the time, but I managed to get a few light green repeating lines…..Your pictures look amazing!  Can’t watch videos at work, but I’ll check it out later.

    Thanks for posting the software link!

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    There god in them there Mandelbrot sets!

  5. I especially like “Temple”.

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