American Coffin Nails

Garfield County Colorado,  Tom Shiflett, 62, father of ten endures SWAT team raid, needs a new front door and was terrorized at gunpoint.

Why?  Because he refused medical care for his son.

How though did we get to this?  Well it’s a natural progression in this “the post 911 world”.

Immunity for big pharma…

Dennis Hastert and Bill Frist make sure big pharma can’t be held legally liable for untested or incompletly tested new drugs.  It was a Homeboy Security related thing, natrually.

November 2007 Maryland vaccine mandate

Shots for your kids or you go to jail.

The Tom story however is interesting.  Found on one of my “hatter” sites it almost sounded a little too far gone but sure enough tons of Google returns.

Tom Shiflett father 62 medic during Tet offensive victim of swat team raid over 11 year old.……


Like Andrew Meyers with his visible copy of “Armed Madhouse”(one of those well known “subversive” titles,BTW), Tom does have that “subversive” trait homeschooling.

A pipeline network from your doctor’s office directly into Homeboy Security HQ.


  1. got a check from a woman who banks at chase. i bank somewhere else. i went to chase to cash the check. chase refused to cash a chase check because i did NOT have a bank account with them.

    never mind that i showed them my license with photo. never mind that i made a big stink and wanted to talk to the manager.

    the cashier said… since 9/11 and then i just went ballistic…

    phooey. shit. stupid. tired of it.

    • Nordic on January 9, 2008 at 02:05

    I’m sure that kid will now have a good healthy respect for law enforcement.


    Way to go, govmint!  Someone else hates you now!

    As a father, that’s pretty scary.  We had one of our asshole neighbors call the cops one day when my son wandered into the back yard and got freaked out because his pet bunny got stuck back in the bamboo grove.  By the time my wife got out there the neighbor had called the cops.  Scary shit.  

    Every time he throws a tantrum now we’re worried someone will call the cops.  

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