Republican Resignations: read ’em as “Redeployments”

Remember when the blogosphere lit up with comments about the resignation of Karl Rove? Rove Resigns! echoed across sites across the world.

But that was too simple. Too easy.

Rove didn’t resign — he wasn’t going away. He was being redeployed.

In games of skill, a strategic position and a powerful piece can make the difference against superior forces, superior numbers or even a better player. Through the course of the game, a wise player sometimes withdraws pieces to new strategic locations in order to protect them, keeping them alive and on the board for re-use at opportune times. They aren’t retired so much as moved out of immediate play until they can be strategically re-introduced.

Like Karl Rove. His “resignation” wasn’t a sign of impending retirement; he’s not heading to the hills. Right now, he’s currently engaged in actively rewriting history as part of his new role as strategic manager of historical revisionism.

It’s a common Republican ploy, currently being implemented across a score of chessboards. Trent Lott, Dennis Hastert, Tom DeLay — all of them “resigning” to gain cover from ongoing investigations that could further damage (and expose) the wave of corruption running through the core of today’s Republican party.

And all of them working on plans to strategically re-enter the public sphere in ways that enable them to play a new hand at an old game — spinning. Propaganda. Disinformation. Delusion. Misdirection. Revisionism.


Keep in mind that the current slew of Republican resignations is not, in and of itself, good news. The Battle for America is still on, raging across the nation.

The players on the Bush Republican team — the corrupt and ever-tainted Republicans of today — are playing to win. They don’t live in the reality-based world. They don’t believe that we have the right to prosecute them for their crimes.

They believe they have the undisputable divine right to lie, cheat, steal and hate without any consequence; no true morals, no real ethics, no accountability and no liability for their thoughtless, selfish arrogance.

They are not “quitting” or retiring from the game.

They are redeploying.

Do NOT take your eyes off the ball.

Impeach, convict, remove, indict, prosecute and imprison.

Do NOT pardon, do NOT commute their sentences!

They are banking on leniency above all — do NOT give it to them. We would not be in this position if we followed the law and the proscribed punishments at the time of Nixon or Bush Senior. We did not. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN, and DO NOT allow Congress to make it for us.

Thank you.


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    • GreyHawk on December 2, 2007 at 02:35

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  1. sent on their various missions

    Democrats have a different take, most of them need the job for the money and don’t have fall back plans or redeployment options from the Party.

    Republicans have been using this tactic for a long long time and it has proven very effective as most voters are more interested in the persona than the actions being done by the person or people behind the persona.

    Democrats need to get serious about their own security systems and they need to approach the political landscape from a new perspective in order to compete with this tactic.

    I don’t know how other than to organize at every level.


    Retired US political hacks “graduate” to globalist oriented organizations.  I have yet to find the “” website.

  3. and since i don’t see a ‘Recommend’ button to push I don’t know how to recommend this  absolutely crucial and important essay.  What this poster is saying is the absolute truth, in my opinion anyway and i think we are all in grave danger of taking the Republican threat too lightly.

    In any war, and please believe that this is exactly what we are in, a war for the heart, the mind, the soul, the very essence and being of America and the democracy we have all taken too much for granted in the past couple of decades, I would say since the end of the vietnam War.  We thought we had won that  fight, it was only the beginning.  I have heard this talk before, before the Nazi’s under Adolf Hitler did exactly as they said they would do, while Great Britian under Neville Chamberlain said, they are harmless, let’s see if we can get along. The rest is history.

    It would be truly wonderful if we could all live within the confines of our personal spirituality and pain and utopien visions and wish and long for a better world. That is exactly what they understand and wish for also. They are smarter than we are though and are merely retreating to re-group, waiting for us to screw up.

    I don’t know what the answer is except that for this next     bout in the ring if Democrats don’t take the reins of power it’s over for a lng long time. .So even those who are so disillusioned with one segment, one aspect, of their vision and opt out they are, as George Bush said,  either for us or against us.  At least give peace a chance and take four years to re-think our purity.  I get very depressed   when i read  passionate liberals intimate that they would rather vote for the alternative or not vote at all if …..fill in the blank (mostly hillary clinton right now) is the nominee.

    We are going to get what we deserve and what we are willing to fight for.  Even if the world we elect is not our dream of perfection at least we are giving all of us a chance to retreive the dream we thought was America.  Learn from history, please.

  4. I just watched No End In Sight on my Netflix account because its on the list of watch online movies.  It’s only worse the second time around, my gawd the total lies and bullshit that have killed hundreds of thousands.

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