Representative Dennis Kucinich at the Iowa Heartland Forum – video w/poll

In case you missed the live stream of the event, Dennis Kucinich spoke along with four other candidates at the Iowa Heartland Forum.  This was a forum where each candidate was allowed to answer questions by themselves, as opposed to the debate format we’re most used to.

Dennis kicked tail and took names, needless to say!


Part 1:

Pat 2:

Part 3:

Notice the strange reaction of the room: Raucous cheering and applause!  No wonder the Dems have wanted to keep Dennis out of Iowa!

Go Dennis!

Choose Peace!

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  1. Dennis was fantastic here, and the crowd was in his hands!

    Go Dennis!

    Choose Peace!

  2. but I think “they” will historize Dennis first.  I have become so cynical in my future outlook for this country, even Christmas coming has failed to change my mood.  It is only a season to buy people stuff and nothing more.

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