Move On Targets One of the Good Guys: Julia Carson (IN-10)

This pisses me off.  I mean, really pisses me off.  It’s the type of thing that gives an organization a bad name, and deservedly so.  Julia Carson’s one of the good guys on the War and Occupation of Iraq.  Period.

Move On sent me this letter today:

Dear MoveOn member,

This week is a key moment in the fight to block a Bush war against Iran. Can you help Thursday in Indianapolis?

News that Iran stopped its nuclear weapons program years ago has President Bush on the defensive-scrambling to explain why he misled the nation and saber-rattled against Iran. But instead of changing course, Bush is recklessly continuing his march to war.

Now’s the time to demand that Congress step in. This Thursday in Indianapolis-and in over 300 other places across the country-local MoveOn members are getting together to demand that Congress make clear that President Bush has no authority to attack Iran.

Can you join us for a delivery to Congresswoman Julia Carson this Thursday, Dec. 13, 2007, at 12:00 PM? Here are the details and a link to RSVP:

Host: Drema j-fellow MoveOn member

Where: Julia Carson’s Office (full address and directions after you RSVP)

When: Thursday, Dec. 13, 2007, at 12:00 PM

RSVP-Yes, I’ll come:…

Your attendance Thursday will make a big difference. Members of Congress know they can’t afford to be on the wrong side of another war-but they need to know we’re paying attention. When local residents show up with thousands of petition signatures in hand, that message will get through. We’ll also invite the media so our message reaches even more folks.

Here’s the news that developed this past week. First, new intelligence revealed that Iran stopped its nuclear weapons program in 2003, contrary to what Bush had been telling the American public.1 Then, Bush held a news conference where he actually tried to portray the news that Iran isn’t building a bomb as yet another reason to confront Iran!2

We also found out Bush was aware of this intelligence for months, even as he saber-rattled against a nuclear Iran and invoked “World War III.”3 Bush claimed he didn’t know about the intelligence until several days ago. But that was proven to be a lie when his own National Security Adviser said that the President knew as far back as August.4

And Friday, the Pentagon absurdly announced “there has been no course correction” in our Iran policy-even in light of the new information.5

The new intelligence that Iran isn’t developing nuclear weapons has exposed Bush’s lies and opened the door to congressional action. But we need to move fast-the Bush administration is working overtime to repair the damage, so this week is key.  

Can you join us for a delivery to Congresswoman Julia Carson this Thursday, Dec. 13, 2007, at 12:00 PM? We’ll demand that Congress make clear that President Bush has no authority to attack Iran.

Click here to RSVP:…

Thanks for all you do,

-Ilyse, Adam G., Anna, Justin, and the Political Action Team

 Monday, December 10th, 2007

P.S. If the event above isn’t convenient, there may be other events in your area as well. Click here to search them all:…


1. “A Blow to Bush’s Tehran Policy,” Washington Post, December 4, 2007.…

2. “Bush: US Must Remain Vigilant on Iran,” Associated Press, December 4, 2007…

3. “A Blow to Bush’s Tehran Policy,” Washington Post, December 4, 2007.…

4. Ibid.

5. “Pentagon Thinking on Iran Unchanged,” Associated Press, December 7, 2007…

Support our member-driven organization: Political Action is entirely funded by our 3.2 million members. We have no corporate contributors, no foundation grants, no money from unions. Our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. If you’d like to support our work, you can give now at:…


Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Now, I have no problem with Move On being opposed to the Iraq War and Occupation, since I’ve opposed it since the beginning (hell, I opposed the first Iraq war).  The problem I have is that Julia Carson has opposed the war from the start!  She’s one of the good guys!

Carson opposed the Iraq war resolution in 2002 which led to the current Iraq War.

She’s also supported funding the war (further than I would go) but with a deadline to withdraw the troops!

I have made public my rationale for supporting the so-called Iraq War Supplemental Funding bill, a bill that will emerge from the House-Senate conference with provisions that President Bush will find unpalatable – accountability and a deadline. In passing this legislation, Congress specifically funded every penny of the President’s war request – $103 billion. The President vows to veto this legislation because it holds him accountable for results, specifically because it forces him to consider an exit strategy and sets a timeline and a date certain for withdrawal.

Once again, she’s one of the good guys!  

Then again, maybe, just maybe, Move On’s fucked up because Julia is sick and has Terminal Cancer.

Julia Carson, congresswoman, told the Indianapolis Star yesterday that she has terminal cancer. She explained that her cancer had previously gone into remission, but has returned with a “terminal vengeance”.

Either way, Move On’s fucked up big time on this, IMHO.  I hope that you agree and will contact them to stop going after one of the good guys.

Note: The posters over at Big Orange seem to think, for the most part, that the message is fine.  My point in reply is why would they not write something to the effect of support for her continuing good work on Iraq.

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  1. Petitions, fine.  Demands of someone who’s been right on Iraq from the start crosses the line for me.

  2. This entire diversionary “issue” will fade away into the memory hole just like this one did.

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