Dispatches from the Abyss: Bleccch

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Howdy folks! Sorry for my absence for the last couple of days, the Abyss suddenly expanded for me and I fell into one of the outer circles, the circle of ‘flu-like symptoms.’ The last time I visited there was when I discovered Giardia back in the 80’s. One of those experiences that might be considered interesting if you could remember it. My brain and body are nearly back to abnormal at this point, but what a ride!. And speaking of sorry, sorry for the TMI!

In other, less gross news….

Well I really have no idea! The last couple of days are sort of a blur, lol! All I can say is e-mail Dennis with your support for impeachment, keep fighting the good fight, Run Al, Run, Fuck Bush and drinks LOTS of (purified) water….oh wait, that last one is for me!

Oh! And help OTB and notlightnessofbeing with the: [The Progressive Charter – 9 votes (28.12%)
Progressive Voices Project – 8 votes (25%)http://www.docudharm…]

project if you can!

I’ll be back to annoy you as soon as my brain starts to work properly again…..hopefully tonight, but soon!


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    heh, I won’t be commenting much either, lol!

  2. So you had it pretty easy, huh? I had bubonic plague while being operated on with no anesthesia and I had to finish all my house work!!!!

    • pfiore8 on November 8, 2007 at 18:41

    isn’t a good time to piss you off?

    get well and i was worried about you!

  3. extreme vegetation followed by a bout of playtime when you feel better.

  4. hope you feel better soon.

    Another thing to add to your to do list:  Stuff your mattress with Euros 😉 Bernacke just testified before Congress (“things are bad–but it’s all good”–or something like that) & market is continuing to panic…

    On second thought–The abyss looks kinda pretty & maybe a few days there (minus the Yuckkies of course) might not be too bad…

  5. Has everyone seen this and

    Am I always the last one to get the news?

  6. {{{{huggy-hugs}}}}

    feel better, bd. 

  7. feed an impeachment

    • KrisC on November 8, 2007 at 21:21

    you poor thang!
    Get Better my friend…
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