Iraq Moratorium 3: The People Speak

11/16/07 (Berkeley, CA) – The third Friday of every month I have been attending a war protest on the streets of Berkeley, CA. The majority of the protesters are members of the Grey Panthers and/or are from Strawberry Creek Lodge,  a nearby retirement community.  The rest are random people who heard about this through word of mouth, or some other organization.  For two hours we stand on four corners of a busy street.  All the cars honk when they drive by and when they are stopped at the light some people hand out slips of paper with the date and time of the next event. Pedestrians are also given flyers about taking action to end the war.

The most recent IM Day, I brought my video camera and took some footage. First you will hear a song and then there are some interview clips speaking out against the war.  Listen to the voices of our elders. These are the real deal DFHs, many protested Vietnam and wars before that.  I’m so glad they agreed to be on camera. You may catch a glimpse of Docudharma’s own dharmasyd – who I met after the first IM Day.   She is one of the organizers of this monthly action.    

Disclaimer:  This is the first time I have ever edited a video and put it on YouTube.  I was in a hurry to put it together so the quality may suck but the spirit and sincerity of The People still shines through (I hope).   If I can figure out the sound editing I will do another version with all the extra footage I have.  

Here are some photos from the first IM Day (9/21/07).


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  1. Click the logo to find events in your area or start your own.

    Tis the season – please consider making a Donation to Iraq Moratorium.

  2. Loved it!

    Esp. that 90-year-old woman, with the youngest face and spirit and expression, very excellent.

    Impeach.  Convict.  Imprison.

  3. Join an existing Moratorium activity or start your own — or at least take the pledge on the website to do something individually one day a month to call for an end to the war.  And if you did something on Moratorium #3, tell everyone about it.   Link to IM website.

    Great report.

  4.      Very good video.  Great post.

         Hey everybody,

         Join the Iraq Moratorium.

         Change the world.  

  5. You are the Mike Wallace of Docudharma!

    Thanks for sharing OTB and keep up the good work!

    • sharon on November 24, 2007 at 22:30

    really inspirational – both the commitment of these folks and that you are teaching yourself how to use a new medium.  

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