Bruce Lee on the Iraq Moratorium!

(Before I start using water as a metaphor, I would like to ask all of you to turn your attention to Bangladesh for a moment….thank you)


It goes without saying that the louder we yell to stop the Iraq War the better. The more people marching the better. The more blogging against it the better. The more we can CRASH against the reality of Bushco’s occupation of Iraq the better. That is what we would all like to see happen. And that is what did happen before the War. Millions of people all over the world crashed into the streets to protest the lunacy and immorality of these illegal actions. Brave souls continue to hit the streets to this day.

But as we all know, that didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. Eventually the flood of protest broke up into smaller streams, that were easier for the politicians and press to ignore.

But the Anti-war spirit and energy is still very much out there, waiting and hoping for a way to come together. I think it is safe to say that all around the world, there are billions of people who are opposed to the occupation. Certainly, at the very least, billions are opposed to pre-emptively invading other sovereign countries on trumped up evidence!

The planetwide energy and intention to stop this war IS like water. If all of the energy of this opposition could be brought to bear in one tidal wave, we could stop the war.  There is a vast reservoir of Anti-War sentiment, incredibly powerful, but for now mostly formless, largely motionless.

If we could, as Bruce says above, find a way to concentrate all of that Anti-War energy into some effective form, put it into a vessel and gather it all together into one place and apply its power, nothing could resist it. Individually we are tiny formless drops, if we join together we become a mighty flowing river.

If everyone in this country and the world who was opposed to the war would flood out into the streets to voice their opposition, it would be devastating to the War monolith. But apparently that is not to be. The forces that we are fighting against have been very effective indeed in defeating and discrediting mass protest. Even here we see resistance to the idea of people joining together to protest in the streets.

So instead of a tidal wave or a flood, we must adopt the other quality of water, perhaps the most powerful quality. The ability to wear away over time at even the hardest of rock…until we find the weak spot in it. Until we can form tiny cracks, and then fill and flow through the tiny cracks and make those cracks larger. And then keep flowing and flowing inexorably over time until we break off large chunks of support for the monolithic War Machine. Building slowly in force and power as obstacle after obstacle in our path is worn away before the force and weight of our combined power. Until eventually, we wash it away completely.

Hopefully forever.

And this is the spirit, to me, behind the Iraq Moratorium.

If we cannot gather all of the waters in one place at one time to create an unignorable deluge, we need then to wear steadily away at the seemingly impenetrable granite of the entities of destruction that persist in thinking that the problems of this complex world can be solved merely by killing enough of our fellow human beings.

Very few people have the ability to devote all of their time and attention to stopping war every hour of the day, as much as we would love to. So as the war drags on for what seems like an eternity, we need to have a steady flow of opposition to counter it. The Iraq Moratorium is an excellent form for that. A form that we can all pour our energy into AT LEAST once a month to help wear down the rocks, since we cannot merely wash them out of our way with a mighty, hahaha, surge. There will always be forces in the world working FOR War. It is up to us to insure that there is always a steady force working against War as well.

So please if you haven’t already, go ahead and sign the pledge so that you are on record and to increase the numbers that can be pointed to and counted. And on the third Friday of every month, pour YOUR energy into doing something…anything ….to protest this war, this occupation. And KEEP doing it…until we wear them down and crack them and END THIS WAR!



The entire ‘lost interview’ with Bruce can be seen here


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  2. That’s exactly why I decided to put my energy into the Iraq Moratorium.  We do need to wear down the resistance to peace — in the government, not among the people — over time.  

    One of these days, or years, it will be a tsunami.  It would be now if we could somehow mobilize those who already want the war to end.

  3. Can blow the roof clean off.

  4. though apparently

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