How Big A Loser Is Freddie Prinze, Jr.?

This big:

As a fifth anniversary gift to her husband, Freddie Prince, Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar has changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze.

“On their anniversary, she showed [Freddie] her new driver’s license,” the source tells Us. “It was so sweet.”

. . . I’m always shocked when a famous woman changes her name to that of her less-famous husband. I mean, isn’t name recognition incredibly important? If I saw “Sarah Michelle Prinze” on a movie poster, I would just assume it was a newbie actress I’d never heard of. . . .

Prinze is, of course, a no talent loser who has done all he can to destroy Sarah Michelle Gellar’s career out of jealousy and spite.

NOTE: This is part of my continuing jihad against Freddie Prinze, Jr.


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  1. I decided he sucked when I read this

    Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Wedding Sickness

    11 April 2003 (WENN)

    Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. got so drunk before his wedding to Sarah Michelle Gellar, he feared he wouldn’t make it to the ceremony. Freddie wed his Scooby-Doo co-star in a lavish Mexican ceremony in September. And while guests marveled at the romantic nuptials, the screen star admits he was more concerned with making it through the day without collapsing. He recalls, “I don’t remember the details, because I was drunk most of the time. The night before I ate something and I got so sick I started hallucinating. I was literally shaking on the floor. My best man comes in and I’m butt naked on the floor in a cold sweat looking for my mom. He was like, ‘You’re getting married in five minutes, your mom and everyone is sitting down and they’re waiting for you.’ He was dressing me and I had like drool on my cheek. His hand was on the small of my back, holding me up straight so I didn’t fall over. But I survived.”

    When I went to find the blurb though on the IMDb site I noticed that a whole lot more has happened since then and by my standards Freddie is a lot more of a total loser than I ever imagined.

  2. and for a comedian this is a major problem. His dad was funny. I can’t understand why the media gets so fixated by these celebrities who are no talents and behave like major assholes. Idiocracy is all around.

    • oculus on November 16, 2007 at 19:15

    Shouldn’t this be on TalkLeft along with the stuff on Britney, Lindsay, and O.J.?

    • robodd on November 16, 2007 at 19:38

    Freddie Moratorium!


    • Turkana on November 16, 2007 at 20:00

    i saw him the tonight show, and o’lielly came on after him. o’lielly was doing his usual schtick about how horrible the dems are, hillary, blah blah blah, and he kept turning to prinze, telling him not to vote dem. the only thing prinze could come up with was to gaspingly assure o’lielly that he wouldn’t vote dem, because he’s a repug.

    the greatest heartbreak, to me, was that firefly and serenity tanked. they had serious magic.

    • oculus on November 16, 2007 at 20:27

    it is my firm suspicion the purpose of this post is to deter the inevitable question:  is Obama still your number 1 choice?

  3. when I kept my last name after getting married and I am not even famous!

    Of course, I live in the South where apparently giving up your identity upon marriage is a cultural norm. Just joking…. kinda. I kept my name basically because I felt like it.

  4. so a big loser. Obama still holds some hope at least he’s not Hillary, other then this fact, I can’t tell as all is obscured by the filter. Obama is not funny either, Dennis is quite funny so lets make him president. Colbert now he’s really funny and a ticket with him and Dennis would be both funny and good.    

  5. He’s smitten.

  6. was all kinds of awsome.  

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