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Bruce Lee on the Iraq Moratorium!

(Before I start using water as a metaphor, I would like to ask all of you to turn your attention to Bangladesh for a moment….thank you)


It goes without saying that the louder we yell to stop the Iraq War the better. The more people marching the better. The more blogging against it the better. The more we can CRASH against the reality of Bushco’s occupation of Iraq the better. That is what we would all like to see happen. And that is what did happen before the War. Millions of people all over the world crashed into the streets to protest the lunacy and immorality of these illegal actions. Brave souls continue to hit the streets to this day.

But as we all know, that didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. Eventually the flood of protest broke up into smaller streams, that were easier for the politicians and press to ignore.