Singular Point – What Comes After Outrage?

Thanks for the inspiration OPOL. And you, Nightprowlkitty.

Nightprowlkitty said:

I will focus my attention from now on to those who are able to do the right thing, from whatever walk of life they travel, powerful or with no power at all.  I am resolved.  I am not outraged and I am not ashamed.

OPOL said:

Torture is an abomination, dropping bombs on babies is an outrage, people deserve healthcare and good treatment, and lying to the people is no way to run a democracy.  All of these things are true.

One does not compromise with Straussians, neocons, chickenhawks or clueless bastards. People who still support George W. Bush, torture and war profiteering at this late stage of human history are beyond reason or persuasion.  There is no point whatsoever in worrying about how such people see things, what they might say, or how they might characterize our actions or arguments.  These people should not be appeased or wooed, they should be marginalized and driven back under the rocks from which they have slithered.

I have to agree. They are not there to be “debated with” or legitimized by arguing with what they have to say as if it were “just another point of view as valid as any other”. They are there to be marginalized , treated as pariahs, and driven into the tar pits of extinction.

And, never let them take your sense of humor.

Gather your friends together, crack a few cold ones, pull up some lawn chairs, get comfortable, and enjoy the show.

Manuel Valenzuela: The Inevitable Triumph of Progressive Thought

Human progress is as present as night and day, an omnipotent and omnipresent force that cannot and has never been defeated. Many interests have tried to halt this unstoppable momentum, only to realize that the greatness of humanity pushes us forward as a species. It may be contained for a small time, yet over and over again progress continues its unrelenting drive onward, toward greater liberalism and independence of thought, toward increased humanism, education and world concern.

Today is a result of progress, of humanity’s refusal to bestow onto itself dark ages and medieval backwardness. For what is history but progress, always advancing, rarely retreating, always seeking answers according to our collective intelligence and quest for knowledge. Human civilization is advancement, an evolution of society that, though at times might find itself sequestered, never fails to defeat the forces of regressive thought. Over and over again, since the dawn of human existence, progress and backwardness have fought in open hostility, battling for human civilization. Every time, progress has been victorious. Indeed, we would not be living present day society without a triumphant progress raising its proud and colorful flag in victory. Its conquest over the forces of regression and primitiveness is a constant over time, and no matter how dire the world might look, no matter the power of malevolent leadership, no matter how enormous the odds might appear, progress always finds a way. Always. It is a given in life, as constant as rain and sun, and it always reappears to guide human existence past murky waters of times past and into new horizons, using the energy and thoughts of young generations, as well as the experience of those past and aged, to fuse together a more progressive, freer, liberal way of living.

Despite tremendous obstacles placed by our own human frailty, our own bad judgments and errors, our self-defeating actions, our mammalian instincts and emotions, and by the enemies of change who wish for nothing more than to impede the flow of gushing rivers of human advancement with giant dams and barriers of backwardness, progress has survived. In fact, it will outlast us, serving the interests of the next species to dominate the planet, helping it evolve towards betterment, helping the earth, sky and waters regenerate from the devastation unleashed by mankind. We cannot claim a monopoly on progress, for it existed before us, and will certainly be present after us. All we can do is embrace it, for it is leading us towards a better tomorrow.

In progress can we see history, and in history can we see progress. It is inevitable, as real as the moon and stars, a stalwart energy that, like all forms of evolution, leads to betterment. So do not fear the enemies of change, delusional in belief they remain, their cause is and has always been lost. Yet we must fight their attempts, for progress needs assistance in defeating their overzealous ignorance and growing power. We must not cave in, we must not relent, we must wage battle, for in the end, history and its truths are with us.

Never Give An Inch


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