Brownie’s Back

And he’s ready to consult on the fires.

Michael D. Brown, Former FEMA Director and current Director of Cotton Companies, one of the leading disaster preparedness and restoration organizations in the nation, is available for comment regarding the wild fires that are devastating Southern California.

Oh my.

Just what we need, one of the most incompetent, useless and dangerous managers in the history of FEMA is prepared to comment on the fires. Please Mike just go and play with the horseys.
Even the WSJ/s Washington Wire is skeptical.

Washington Wire was a little stunned to receive a press release today hawking disgraced former Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown as “available for interviews” to discuss the wildfire crisis in Southern California.

Note to media, just say no.


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    • Lahdee on October 24, 2007 at 19:14

    over the gall of some people.

    • Turkana on October 24, 2007 at 21:25

    sitting by the phone. and sitting. and sitting. and…

  1. When it all “changes” in 2008(if we make it to 2008) all of the little cesspool turds find their way into globalist oriented organizations like the CFR.

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