Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain


Truth be told, what the Democrats are doing today is smart short term politics.

The scenario will probably play out like this:

A) Piss off your base by refusing to Impeach / Defund
B) Strengthen your gains with the squishy middle, do not risk pissing them off
C) Count on the base having nowhere to go come election time
D) Win in 2008 and MoveOn from there

Essentially, they are following a smart political strategy.

But in the mean time…

Soldiers will die in Iraq

Many more Iraqis will die in Iraq

Cheney will work away unfettered on his plans to bomb Iran

No progress will be made on Global Warming

No progress will be made on Energy Independence

Debt will continue to skyrocket for our children

Corporations will continue to exploit workers worldwide at the greatest pace in 50 years

The gap in Social Security funding will widen

Many Republicans will get away with whatever laws they have broken

Our worldwide reputation will continue to go down the shitter

Children will be left behind

Health care will become more unaffordable every day

People will lose their homes in the housing bubble / foreclosure explosion

Heavy industry safety rules will be flaunted, and some people will be injured / die as a result

Rich folks will get richer

Poor folks will get poorer

The middle class will continue to be squeezed

Disasters will be managed by the same folks who gave us New Orleans

Foreign countries will continue to enjoy unfettered access to our markets

George Bush will continue to be the face of America


The Democrats’ strategy, one of short term gain, will lead to long term pain. For all of us.

I, for one, will never forget.

Will you?


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  1. I pledge that I will never forget what the Dems are doing today for short-term political gain.

    It may be small, but who knows, if enough of us ‘never forget’, there may one day be payback.

    I for one hope that specific payback turns out to be a bitch.

    • pfiore8 on October 23, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    no, i don’t count out some very unforseen voting event…

    but i am no longer a dem. that’s how far it’s gone for me.

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