With Sand in the Vaseline

Maryscott did well yesterday on MLW Talk Radio.  I was on hold, having come late to the party.  My son was being all quiet and respectful.  Asking a hyper 8 year old to be quiet the first 15 minutes home from school, when he is bubbling with news of the day is like asking water to flow uphill, but he made me proud.

He made me laugh too.  He did stage whisper twice.

“Can I talk to her on the phone too?”

(I nodded no)


“Whoa, she really needs a TV show like all those guys we watch.”

(I nodded yes)

Out of the mouths of babes.  He later clarified what he wanted to ask:

“How can Bush be so evil and why won’t anyone stop him?  All he wants is war, war and more war Mom!”

The SU had taped Bill Maher for me, and finally when the flu subsided enough, I watched it.

Edwards rocked.  The whole show kicked ass, (in spite of the hecklers) but ONE thing stuck in my craw.

After bemoaning the Vote in which Hillary voted “Yes” about Iran congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee was quite firm that Congress is going to stand firm against a blank check for invasion of Iran.

Then she turned around and endorsed her.  Her main reason?  The WOMAN President as history meme.


If its wrong to vote against a woman based on her vaginal  physiology, is not wrong to vote for a woman solely based on it? Gender should be put aside and how they stand on the issues should count.  Did she remember what she had just said about Hillary’s vote?

That brings me to what I was going to ask Maryscott, no actually give her a bad time about.

It is a YEAR out fellow babies, a YEAR!

If we bitch and moan about the lack of liberal candidates, why do we dismiss the more liberal ones with a sweep of our metaphorical hand and say “Oh please, lets talk about the electable ones, the top three.” (*paraphrase)

We have a year to ASK, we have a year to LISTEN.  My spousal unit gets all het up and answers, “Its about the fund raising, and no one can catch Obama and Clinton.” Which I find to be a sell-out answer.  Fuck that, he with the most corporate money wins?  Well, lets just hand them the vaseline with copious amounts of sand, roll over and take it in the ass then.  Right?

Endorse, endshmorse.  Edwards is the best of the shiny new brat pack-o-three, in my not so very fucking humble opinion; yet dismissing the others as “B” players a year out is cutting our own noses off to spite our faces.

We should not dismiss Candidates such as Dodd, who are speaking loudly and bravely against the bullshit, because it is starting to RESONATE with the People.  Thats what “Grassroots” means.  “Netroots” even.

I like Edwards/Dodd in any combination at the moment, but I still think it is way too fucking soon to close any doors, man.

But I have to think, really think, about what my son asked.  “Why won’t anyone stop him Mom?”  I for one, am going to keep listening to everyone until I find one who will stop him, and the military industrial machine.

That means ONE thing for me.  Its time to move from endorsing anyone too strongly at this point, and move to actively campaigning AGAINST Hillary Clinton.  She is the one person they chose FOR us, 3 years ago, and shoved down our throats by repeating it until it was true.  She is the one candidate so firmly entrenched in their pockets that her necklace is their keyring, and their loose changes tumbles out of her ass.

“All he wants is more war Mom… its like there’s gonna be war forever….”

Are you still willing to keep an open mind a year out?

Do you think the fix is already in, that it is preordained by the ptb who our candidate will be?

Would you like regular or extra gritty, and a side of gravel with your vaseline?

My 8 year old conscience has my vote and my full attention. 

A year is a long time, and I won’t let him down.

No more war.


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    • Diane G on October 23, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    (or tips)

  1. …for the metaphor…

    • snud on October 24, 2007 at 3:58 am

    She is the one person they chose FOR us, 3 years ago, and shoved down our throats by repeating it until it was true.

    It’s very sad that this technique seemingly works so well and that free-thinking seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur in this country. We’re told HRC is inevitable, like the tides, and therefore it must be true.

    And while it’s a year off, if the momentum keeps building, (and it shows no sign of abating) we could very well face a Rudy vs. HRC ticket. If that happens I’ll hold my nose and vote for her under the (perhaps erroneous) assumption that she’d appoint better Supreme Court nominees and really no other reason(s) that I can think of.

    The real drag to me is, I honestly believe that Hillary could somehow lose to Rudy. It shouldn’t even be possible that any Democratic presidential candidate could lose after the almost 8 years of sheer hell we’ve been through but that ticket might do it.

    I just think she’s devisive enough to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, which is why I’m still hoping against hope that Al Gore will ride in like the calvary because I just don’t think MSM will let Hillary go and thus she’ll unfortunately roll right over Edwards and Obama in most of the primaries. I hope I’m wrong about that but lately I (sadly) never overestimate the intelligence of the American people.

  2. Hopefully he’ll have a mind of his own some day.

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