Drudge Fox Blackout Tectonic Shift in World Power: Communists Kills India-US Nuke Deal

Wapo: A coalition of far-left Indian communist parties have effectively killed the US-India nuclear deal, leaving Administration officials with egg all over their faces once again. But you won’t learn that reading the Post piece. FOX isn’t even running the story right now. Drudge neither.

Reuters by way of contrast, puts the facts up high: “Indian Communists Reject US Nuclear Pact”.

Why is the right-wing noise machine blacking the India-Nuke deal story out, and the Wapo burying the facts?

Because getting beating by a bunch of supposedly dead and buried communists confirms the terrible inconvenient truth: US Soft Power is melting faster than the polar ice-caps.

Losing the Moral High Ground to Dictators: Chavez, Castro and Kim are the three Reds who get the most attention in the US media, from what I can tell. And news that Russia’s Vladimir Putin (who learned his stuff in the Soviet Era KGB) is meeting with Iranian leaders after publicly humiliating Bush officials on camera confirms that in China, India, Russia and Latin America, reds and former reds are whipping America in the soft-power arena.

Ex-President Jimmy Carter’s statement confirming US torture was heard around the world. The catastrophic damage Bush/Cheney/Rice do to US security continues to breed fresh disasters. Brits place George Bush up alongside Kim-Jong II and Osama bin Laden.

Former US General Abizaid won headlines for his The Arab World is America’s Gas Station remarks. But Abizaid is wrong. The perception is more ‘The world is Our Gas Station or else‘.

Hard-Power Failure is the root cause of the US soft-power collapse. The world has seen the limits of what US hard power can accomplish in Iraq. America under Bush hasn’t gotten the message. Drudge, Fox and the Wapo aren’t about to break the news anytime soon.

US Radioactive? The Hindu party initially supported the US India deal. However, Bush attempts to tie the deal to isolating Iran may have had the opposite effect. Rice Tried to Bully India Over Iran and India clearly wasn’t buying:

American influence. Leftist politicians in India fear that Washington will use the deal to demand that New Delhi curb policies that the U.S. opposes. They cite U.S. pressure on India to support actions against Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency over Iran’s nuclear programs and to scrap plans for a natural gas pipeline from Iran. The leftists also abhor growing U.S.-India military cooperation. Some hint at withdrawing support from Singh’s government.

That’s Twice in Two Months Bush has tried to dictate policy to a key US ally over relations with Iran. Rice tried the same stunt with Turkey.

Rice tells Turkey again: Iran is trouble maker

The New Anatolian / Ankara
28 September 2007

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Turkey that the Americans consider Iran a trouble maker and hinted they are unhappy with the growing energy cooperation between the two countries.

Turkey and Tehran promptly signed a record gas and trade deal. Despite Rice’s best efforts India has also decided to throw in with Iran. Robert Gates responded today by issuing more threats, raising the prospect again of a US/Israeli attack on Tehran to drown out news of Rice’s most recent humiliation.

We now learn that the US sponsored PR Event Mid-East Peace conference may be called off because regional players refuse to take the US seriously:

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sought support from Egypt Tuesday in her quest to nudge Israelis and Palestinians closer together before a Mideast peace conference.

Egypt’s foreign minister, however, warned that planned meeting might have to be postponed unless a substantive agreement can be reached ahead of time.

Bullying key US allies back-fired on Rice and Bush. The feckless handling of US American foreign policy over the last seven years has triggered a tectonic shift in geo-political relations.

Turkey and India are America’s most important partners in Central Asia; and they’re slipping away to join Iran and Russia. India’s Communist Parties, Russia and many hostile to America are gloating. Those of us who still find very, very much to admire in America are left shaking our heads.


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    • pfiore8 on October 16, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    second, post a tip jar
    and third, BushCo and the neocons had no clue that their arrogant policies and misuse of American power would backfire and expose us as a paper tiger

    there is some perverse thing that makes me want to gloat and then horror sets in and i think we have to get this message out

    and in a way people GET IT… and get rid of adjectives like reds and commies and talk policy and countries in more neutral tones… because i don’t think it’s because their commies that they make a deal with Iran for oil… it just may make sense economically and that’s what we citizens have to understand… the world does not revolve around us and with this current world view, we will get left behind

  1. Good news….for the rest of the world at least!

    Does this mean no mangos?

  2. this is clear counter-evidence against the global triumph of neoliberalism, the system that was supposed to rule the world after the Cold War.

  3. India’s communists can do what America’s Democrats can’t do, which is stand up to the ruling power and prevail.

    • pfiore8 on October 16, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    i’m putting this back in essay list so it doesn’t get hidden in FP listing…

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