Cowboy Meets Sunset – The Last Long Sweet Kiss Good-bye

(FP’ed 3:30 AM EDT, Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oh, hell.

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Samson was going all out, catching a stride that almost felt like floating. Though he was more known for his cutting skills, and bravery among bulls, he was showing me in a pinch he could also be a race horse. But even with his gallant effort, he was still a good five lengths back from the steed carrying my rose.

Down we galloped into valley, playing lover’s games as rode down tree-lined country lanes. She would look back, her long black hair flowing like pozos lit by an angel’s halo from the large Mexican harvest moon. We raced towards the music that was waffing over the next ridge.

Samson did his best to catch her filly, since he felt the same about that horse as I did it’s rider, but it was all for not. You can never truly ever catch a rancher’s daughter from the El Bajio. 

She was starting to dance in her saddle to the music of the band once she got to the ridge, moving the way only latinas can. Samson parked next to her, and I could see the stars reflecting in her huge almond eyes. We decided to give the horses, and ourselves, some alone time.

“So it’s back to gringolandia with el pinche tejano, eh?” she said, still slightly doing a salsa dance step.

“Time to get back to my people,” I replied, grabbing her by the waist, locking my fingers into her cowgirl’s belt.

“But you said it you were going to New York, not Tejas,” she sighed as she turned and faced me.

“I am a man of the world now, and that is the world’s capital,” I said, brushing away strands of black silk she called hair.

“Will you ever come back?”

“I will always be here.”


“When you look up to the stars, remember no matter how far I have gone from this place, right here, right now, I am looking up at the same stars thinking about this moment with you.”

“And how does this moment end?”

“Like this,” I whispered as I drew her to me and gave her the long last sweet kiss good-bye.

And so ended our adventures together, and so did end my Mexico session.


And this also ends my Docudharma session. I had been telling buhdydharma that I was thinking about leaving for a bit now, and it’s time to move on.

It’s an eyeball thing for me, so I’m gonna go finish my books now. I will stop drop by on odd moons and drop some tales on you, but for now, I gotta go pick up some checks.


Where I get my Top Five Favorite Things:

1) http://www.boingboin…



4) http://www.wikipedia…

5) The Google.


Adios, and always remember, no matter where you go, there you are, no matter the session.


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  1. blessings on your travels, pt.  ill miss you

  2. you are leaving, but happy trails.

  3. When I first read:

    but for now, I gotta go pick up some checks.

    I thought it said ‘chicks’, which would have been appropriate in the context of your story as well I suppose.

    Anyhow, best of luck. Just don’t ask me to kiss you like she did on your way out the door.


  4. I will miss your dreamy writing and the Top 5  (it’s just not the same if I have to go and look for that weird shit myself!).

    Definitely let us know when your book(s) is/are published.

  5. i’ll miss you and your writing

    you’re a wonderful and evocative writer

    and while i hate to agree with armando, he makes a great suggestion: post installments here

    hope to see you though…

    a hug and have to: smooch!…

    warm regards… pf8

  6. Cheers, and good luck!

  7. I look forward to your book(s?).

  8. Well, happy travels, and we’ll keep a stall open for your horse when you find yourself riding this way again.

  9. may you publish and thrive. I will see you at Powell’s books. I have found you to be a major inspiration on the net both artistically and politically. Let us know how to recognize you in the book world. My gringo heart says this:

    From this valley they say you are going
    We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile
    For they say you are taking the sunshine
    That has brightened our path for a while

    My Latin/human heart says this:

    Sounds across the nation
    Coming from your hearts and minds
    Battered drums and old guitars
    Singing songs of passion
    It’s the truth that they all look for
    The one thing they must keep alive
    Will the wolf survive?
    Will the wolf survive?


    • on October 3, 2007 at 15:04

    vaya con FSM, aarrrrgghhh-riba!

    • MBNYC on October 3, 2007 at 15:25

    You feel the same way about we bloggers as you do about that horse. You’ll be back soon enough 🙂

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