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Brownie’s Back

And he’s ready to consult on the fires.

Michael D. Brown, Former FEMA Director and current Director of Cotton Companies, one of the leading disaster preparedness and restoration organizations in the nation, is available for comment regarding the wild fires that are devastating Southern California.

Oh my.


The richest Americans’ share of national income has hit a postwar record, surpassing the highs reached in the 1990s bull market, and underlining the divergence of economic fortunes blamed for fueling anxiety among American workers.

This from the WSJ no less. via (Huffpost)

More Distractions

Outrage Alert!
Today’s distraction of the day is brought to you by, wait for it, republicans in Congress. Imagine that, a distraction from a republican. This time it combines many of their favorite topics, godless Democrats, the flag and how religious folks are persecuted.

dubya’s library

Three years ago next month the Clinton library opened.

Three years.

November 2004, some of us had yet to get up from the floor, others seethed while still others moved on to action. “2006” was the cry. There was hope amidst all the bad, Howard Dean and the DNC comes to mind, but then it got really, really bad. dubya was ‘reselected’ and all pretense was dropped, political capital ruled the day. The constitution was shrouded shredded; dissent was suppressed, personal rights disappeared and fear was mongered as never before.

Through it all there remained the image of dubya; dubya dropping the dog, choking on a pretzel, bulging inappropriately or those “WTF” moments like the door in China or the malaprops or all of the unapologetic flights to idiocy (the gynecologists line or “Need some wood”). Ah, memories of a great so-so truly bad president.


I’m working remotely today so I’ve got cspan on the tube in the living room. Every time I walk into the room it seems some republican senator is blathering on in opposition to Jim Webb’s amendment to mandate that stateside time matches deployment time (I’ll leave it to others to detail said amendment).
On and on they go where they’ll stop I’m afraid only they know.

A little rant

So Buhdy says go for it. “You can literally write anything you want, in any form you want, at any length you want, in the recent essay list.” Okay I will.


I hear…
What happened to this country?
You, you stupid shit. You voted for dubya, you drank the koolaide, you waved the flag, you placed the magnet, you thought that’s all you had to do. They wouldn’t lie to you now would they? They’re family, just like the guy at the car dealership and the jewelry store; “We’re just like family!”