Univision #1 Beating ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW

Well, here is some interesting news, Univision has beat out all the other networks, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and CW for the coveted 18-34 demographic. While not exactly surprising with how the sociodemographics are trending in the United States of America, it is definitely a benchmark, an a benchmark that was just a matter of time.

This is also before the Presidential Debates in Spanish, so the quality programming on Univision cannot be discounted. Have you ever seen Sabado Gigante? You don’t need to speak Spanish to enjoy that. Plus, even the The Soap agrees that soap operas on Univision are more entertaining than the usual ABC, NBC and CBS fare.

Let’s take a look at the data, shall we?

Univision #1 Network for Entire Week Beating ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW


MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Univision captured the #1 network ranking among all Adults 18-34, not just Hispanics, and outdelivered ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW for the entire first week of Nielsen’s single national panel (NPM).

In the first entire week (8/27/07-9/2/07) since all networks were reported from one single ratings sample, Univision ranked as the #1 network with an +11% advantage over its nearest competitor, FOX, and beating ABC by +43%, CBS by +42%, NBC by +57%, and fully +125% ahead of CW for all Adults 18-34, not just Hispanics. Univision was also the #1 ranked network all night every night Monday through Friday last week among the same coveted young adult demographic.

In addition, Univision aired 9 out of the top 20 programs of the entire week, regardless of language, among all Adults 18-34.

“Taking the #1 spot for the first week of Nielsen’s single sample NTI ratings, clearly demonstrates Univision’s ability to compete head-to-head with any and all networks,” said Alina Falcon, Executive Vice President and Operating Manager of the Univision Network. “Now with a single ratings source, advertisers can see, more easily than ever, just how important Univision can be as part of their overall media plans.”

En Español:
La mayor sintonía


Durante la primera semana completa (8/27/07-9/2/07) desde que todas las cadenas comenzaron a ser medidas en base a una sola muestra de ‘rating’, Univision ocupó el puesto #1 de sintonía con una ventaja de +11% sobre su competidor más cercano, FOX, y sobrepasó a ABC por un margen de +43%, a CBS por +42%, a NBC por +57%, y a CW por +125% entre todos los Adultos 18-34, no sólo los hispanos.

Univision también clasificó como la cadena #1 durante toda la noche, cada noche de lunes a viernes de la semana pasada, entre ese mismo grupo demográfico tan codiciado.

Adicionalmente, Univision transmitió 9 de los 20 programas más vistos en toda la semana por Adultos 18-34, no importa el idioma. 

“Haber logrado ocupar el puesto #1 en la primera semana de la muestra única de rating NTI de Nielsen demuestra claramente la capacidad de Univision de competir directamente con todas y cada una de las cadenas”, declaró Alina Falcón, Vicepresidenta Ejecutiva y Gerente de Operaciones de la cadena Univision.

“Ahora, con una sola fuente de información de ‘rating’, los anunciantes pueden ver, más fácilmente que nunca, la importancia que puede tener Univision en sus planes de medios”.

So, take from this what you will, but remember, Univision has just shown it can be the leading network of the land. Every political and business leader should now take into account that having a presence on Univision will reach the highest number of the core demographic of all Adults 18-34.

Figured y’all needed some different news instead of the endless parade of 9-11 diaries.


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    • pfiore8 on September 11, 2007 at 18:03

    are they dems???

  1. i cant speak spanish. 

    but i can understand most of it when spoken to.  probably from growing up with 3 friends who were half cuban half columbian, and being yelled at by their mother all the time…but when i was an adult i sat next to the spanish-language operator at one of my jobs, and i would find myself laughing at her jokes in spanish.  she thought i spoke it but didnt want the phone work.

    ok, that had nothing to do with anything…

    except that it makes the fútbol games more fun to watch. 

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