Quick Hello from D.C.

(Our first dispatch from D.C.! Climb aboard! – promoted by Nightprowlkitty)

Hey, everyone: just a short hello from Washington D.C., where I and a few other thousand people marched from the White House to the Capitol building.  Later tonight or tomorrow people will be around to post pictures from the demonstration, including a few of your favorite bloggers.  And not-so-favorite, I guess.  Don’t worry: my feelings aren’t hurt.

A quick impression: lots of people, and especially lots of young people.  Crowds that have no business hanging out together, in other circumstances.  Libertarians marching side-by-side with militant socialists.  A thin and pathetic line of conservatives along the street, warning us that we’re all traitors.  Some expected musical accompaniment (guitars, bongo drums) and some quite unexpected (solo horn, a family quartet backed by accordion).  Students groups, feminist groups, civil rights groups, 9-11 truthers, proletarian newspaper distributors, the good, the bad, and the nutty, all moving in a mass towards the Capitol, at least for once under the banner of a common goal. 

It’s a start, at least.  I hope y’all have plans for the 21st, as well.


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    • pico on September 15, 2007 at 23:14

    along with something more substantial.  But the computer owner is shooting me glances, so I better sign off.  🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  1. Thanks for the post card.  Can’t wait to see the pictures and read the stories.

    Peace.  Courage.  Perseverance.

  2. Been waiting to hear from ya!  And will be impatiently awaiting more information.

    Man, can you imagine some New Orleans brass bands there?  They’d blow Bush right out of the White House!

    That’s something I would sell my soul to see.

  3. ive been ‘jellied’ (jealous and worried) all day!!

    thank you for taking a stand!!

  4. This is exciting!

    I hope we get some good…..and fair….coverage from the MSM.

  5. And HI! and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    To all you other wonderful protestors too!

  6. here

    Thousands of protesters gathered Saturday outside the White House to demand an end to the Iraq war as counter-protesters rallied to meet them on a planned march to the Capitol.

    The protesters gathered in Lafayette Park with signs saying “End the war now” and calling for President Bush’s impeachment. The rally, organized by the ANSWER Coalition and other groups, was expected to conclude with a march to the Capitol.

    Army veteran Justin Cliburn, 25, of Lawton, Okla., was among a contingent of Iraq veterans in attendance.  “We’re occupying a people who do not want us there,” Cliburn said of Iraq. “We’re here to show that it isn’t just a bunch of old hippies from the ’60s who are against this war.”

    About 13 blocks away, nearly 1,000 counter-protesters gathered near the Washington Monument, frequently erupting in chants of “U-S-A” and waving American flags.

    They planned to line both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue to confront anti-war protesters as they marched by and follow them to the Capitol.

    Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, speaking from a stage to crowds clad in camouflage, American flag bandanas and Harley Davidson jackets, said he wanted to send three messages.

    “Congress, quit playing games with our troops. Terrorists, we will find you and kill you,” he said. “And to our troops, we’re here for you, and we support you.”

    Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., made a surprise visit to the counter-protest, which was organized by the group Gathering of Eagles. The group was created this year by veterans who wanted to challenge war protesters.

    • vigkat on September 16, 2007 at 00:40

    Thanks for the report.  I’ve searched in vain for any tee vee coverage; it’s not happening apparently.  Tell all the rest of the contingent how grateful we are for your presence there.

  7. Streebloggin!

    1. and I am sure some others based on his post this morning on Kos. Just on CNN saying 7 were arrested,  that was to be expected.

    • Caneel on September 16, 2007 at 02:31



  8. again. The Wapo report was very surreal. I wish I was there Pico. Stranger then the reporting for me is the silence, civil disobedience wise,and information wise, that engulfs this war. Thank you for participating. We will prevail, as the sheer insanity of the mainstream corporate media is becoming more and more obvious. Misplaced fear dissipates as people see the truth. More please!

    • fatdave on September 16, 2007 at 04:58

    The BBC’s coverage has been so dire ( 3 e mails + 1 call), hoping the Sunday Mornings pick up. Murdoch’s Sky News did about 2 minutes earlier.
    Sadly the printed media are doing no better. I’m hoping it is the time difference.

  9. and drunk blogging from the patio of the holiday inn.

    Ctliberal and I got caught behind enemy lines for a brief time, not that they noticed except for one rather rude woman whom CT ripped the head off of with an instinctive usage of snarkfu leaving her sputtering ignorance in the distance.

    Saw a kindly old gentlemen bashed in the head by a metal flag pole wielding freeper and he didn’t even blink.

    And I had a wonderful confrontation with five of them and noticed that their men folk are inveterate cowards preferring to cower behind the skirts of the mean spirited woman folk.

    I must say that they are even more ignorant in person then on line.

    It was a glorious day.

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