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March of the Progressives

The little guy, whether he lived in a tenement in the city or in a ramshackle house on the plains, was getting trampled by the money trust and the captains of industry.  Disgust with both major parties was growing as pandering pols refused to take a decisive stand on the major issues of the day, and the White House seemed incapable and/or unwilling to change things.  Money and cynicism were inseparable from the political process, and tabloid journalism ruled the media, fanning the flames of America’s basest passions and prodding the nation toward an imperialist horizon.

No, this isn’t another story from the Cave’s BREAKING!!! desk – but it could have been, a little over 100 years ago.  Join me, if you will, for a look at how turn-of-the-century Progressives dealt with issues not all that dissimilar from the ones currently being bungled and shied away from in Washington…

Quick Hello from D.C.

Hey, everyone: just a short hello from Washington D.C., where I and a few other thousand people marched from the White House to the Capitol building.  Later tonight or tomorrow people will be around to post pictures from the demonstration, including a few of your favorite bloggers.  And not-so-favorite, I guess.  Don’t worry: my feelings aren’t hurt.

A quick impression: lots of people, and especially lots of young people.  Crowds that have no business hanging out together, in other circumstances.  Libertarians marching side-by-side with militant socialists.  A thin and pathetic line of conservatives along the street, warning us that we’re all traitors.  Some expected musical accompaniment (guitars, bongo drums) and some quite unexpected (solo horn, a family quartet backed by accordion).  Students groups, feminist groups, civil rights groups, 9-11 truthers, proletarian newspaper distributors, the good, the bad, and the nutty, all moving in a mass towards the Capitol, at least for once under the banner of a common goal. 

It’s a start, at least.  I hope y’all have plans for the 21st, as well.

Stout Hearts

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I wanted to get some stuff together here to show those of us who plan to march from the White House to the Capitol this Saturday the things that have been happening there as the day approaches.

First, though, Road2DC.com is a website set up to coordinate contacts and activities for that day. The group the people I am traveling with and I are joining will meet at the site of the National Christmas Tree at 11 am. We will be wearing orange.

The actual coordination is taking place in the Forums section.

That said, I have some things I’d like you to see below the fold.