Promotion and Roll Out

Please don’t promote or recommend this.  It will last quite long enough anyway.

Things that are pretty much settled-

Target Launch- September 3rd

budhy is going to write the initial welcome, all of us who care to may write and xpost welcoming essays of our own after that.

Now some topics for further discussion-

1. What blogs are we going to target for the Roll Out.

2. How are they going to feel about that?

I’m hoping we don’t run into any problems, but Booman pretty much already considers me an assclown because I don’t participate more at his place.  Frankly it’s been dealing with the anti orange sentiment that’s kept me away and I have the same problem at MLW except that MSOC seems to tolerate my neglectfulness a little better.

Because it could be viewed as poaching I’d like to suggest that there be no more than 1 “Hey check out DocuDharma” per site per day.  Even less if the site is not heavily trafficed.

I don’t have any problem at all with keeping up this campaign for a month or more though.  In fact I think it’s a good idea to pete and repeat the message for maximum exposure.

I guess what I’m looking for in the comments is a list of target blogs we can all agree on (as well as identifying any that are too sensitive to touch) AND some volunteers besides buhdy and myself who want to help out in promotion.

I’ll have to write one, at least for dK, because I’m a full disclosure kind of guy, but if you’re not comfortable doing it, that’s ok too.


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  1. I’m a great believer in these.

    • melvin on August 23, 2007 at 23:57

    sort of. Digg? Hugg? etc. Hugg is all screwed up since the sale, mayb it is straightend out again today, I don’t know. And there are the others delic whatever, reddit, etc. You know how it works, you get the implant. Could set up automatically on diaries? Or have the pieces lying around and let people do it or not for their diaries. Maybe an explanatory diary about all these would be in order, mr. hornbeck

    I will of course pimp and shake my moneymaker at Truth&Progress. We actually have some readers scattered around the globe and some would be interested I’m sure.

    (speaking of, I just now successfully made it to T&P through Firefox, a free proxy server, and crosslinking the warp coil into the photon torpedo array, with an assist from a pedal driven generator on the outskirts of Mumbai. All is fine except for the weird font, colored lines under every other word, the backslashes that pop up everywhere, and the 47 tool bars stacked up on the monitor.)

    There are a few other pretty obscure green sites I visit, like rickeyre and such, and will pimp there.

    MLMFW, DK, Boohoo, etc. : whatever. Leave me out of it.

    1. i agree with your POV on this… to be respectful

      target blogs? dKos is my first… i’ve been invited to post at others and still had to go to the well-knowns… but dKos made sense

      the vibe, the layout…

      and that’s most important at first blush: how easy it is to read it… settle on it with the eye and the logic

      i wonder if worth consider mining sites like this (i’ve joined but a little intimidated to post anything) society of figurative arts or grad schools with public blogs… physics types… music types… maybe if they are engrossed in something so blog-specific, they’d welcome a space like this to stretch out a bit

      i keep thinking of buhdy or whomever said: salon… love that idea

      just thinking off top of the head… let me know if i’m stretching too far…

      btw… ignoring u 2

      and see you visited Eddie C’s modeling post… it was so funny to have that girl pull me out from behind MBNYC and kath25… she came out of nowhere… but i had to go along… and it was fun and funny

  2. T & P, ET, Open left, my DD, boo, mlw and dkos.

    Where else CAN one post? Tell me and I will Post there!!! Though I think the above spots will get just about everybody.

    It would be great to hit the Huffpo, TPM and C&L crowd, but I don’t know how.

    What we really need is a way to get Bill O’Reilly mad at us!

    1. to spread the word in as many unusual venues as possible!

      Everyone should try to promo a bit anywhere they frequent….we want as broad a spectrum as possible.

  3. for a week beforehand….dropping hints that something is coming.

    Oh and Sept. 3 is dependent on me getting a Satellite hookup in a timely fashion in a sleepy Mexican town, btw

  4. i have a facebook account which i use to keep in touch with my daughter’s friends who’ve all scattered off to distant colleges.  ill probably be posting a link on my profile anyway…but i can also set up a group invite and send it to some of those i think might contribute.  they’re all over 18, and most self-identify as liberal or liberal-leaning….

    1. Albany Project, Cobalt6, TIP, NION, ePluribus, TNH, Street Prophets, Swords Crossed, Talk Left…

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