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America’s Cup 2017: Finals- Day One

Well the Battle Off Bermuda has come to this- Oracle USA v. Emirates/New Zealand. Please don’t tell me you’re surprised, this was completely predictable about 10 seconds after the close of the last series. As we proceed it will be first to 7 victories, Emirates/New Zealand will start at -1 (that’s right, negative numbers) because …

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America’s Cup 2017: Day 2

Not a good day on the water for Land Rover BAR or SoftBank. Groupama finally got in the win column. Emirates/New Zealand swept. Oracle USA split but leads the Louis Vitton Cup for also rans by 2. In detail- Oracle USA sailed 3 races, they won against Land Rover BAR, lost to Artemis, and won …

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America’s Cup 2017: Day 1

History First of all, it’s not called the America’s Cup because it belongs to the United States (though History might seem to validate that assumption it’s simply the accidental by product of the fact that the holder of the Cup gets to make the rules for the next competition) it’s named after a boat, the …

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