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The Week in Editorial Cartoons – Republican Thuggery on Full Display, Part I

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Rob Rogers, see reader comments in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Buy this cartoon

This election season has brought out some real ghouls, some, but not all, as a result of the Tea Party.  These monsters are great for cartoonists, but not so great for the voters.  The saddest part is, none of these characters offers a message of hope.  It is all about tearing the other guy down.  I know this kind of negative campaigning happens with every election.  It just seems more frightening this year.

A Time to Speak:

This is a lesson for school children and teens brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance program. It frankly, in these days, needs to be learned by more adults it seems then children, though those same adults, parents, granparents and other relatives, friends, neighbors, strangers and talking heads of many media outlets are showing just wasn’t learned, nor wanted to be, when they were young!

A Speech by Charles Morgan

{RePost; New Title} Sunday Morning Propagandists!!

Original Subject Title: More Domestic Criminal Terror! and Silence Following?

One wonders, not really very hard, why we readily call others, who have done nothing, ‘terrorist’, just because of where they might be from or their religious beliefs, and we get never ending opinion talk and pure propaganda {lies} about as a whole group and not the extremist using, yet something like this happens and it gets very little news play. You have to search it out rather then hear anyone report on or seriously talk about. A most certainly ‘domestic criminal terrorist’ act seemingly hell bent on taking out as many police or innocent people as possible, all because, apparently, he’s a white guy in Texas. Will he become the new hero of certain groups within our society, much like the Austin Pilot Did or others that seek to be the next McVeighs as Individuals or in Groups!!

Horrible scene at the Holocost Museum today 20090610

The news today was just horrible.  An old racist decides to go out with “cannons blazing”, and he did.  He cost the life of a decent person, and nearly his own.  I hope that this guys lives over it.

I want him tried and convicted (if the evidence is there), and then sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.  He is no hero, he is a coward.  He is not in any way honorable, he is to be kept in the deepest of contempt.

People like him give people like me a horrible name.  I own guns, more than most progressives would say were necessary.  I have never used even one of them against another person, but I certainly would if that other person were coming into my house illegally.  I wonder, as a felon, how he got a gun anyway.  He should not have had the privilege, unless the laws in Maryland are different that other states.

Last thought, he, as far as I can tell, got ONE shot off with a .22 calibre rifle and killed a man.  As a weapon of murder, a .22 is just about the worst one ever designed for a one shot kill.  It works well on rabbits and squirrels, but to kill a human with one either means a very lucky shot or a very well placed one.  I doubt that an 88 year old man could place a shot very well.

This is just a very sad situation.  Again, I hope that this guy lives to face a court of law.

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Friday Philosophy: Teaching against Stereotypes

As usual as Friday approaches, I start panicking because I haven’t a clue what to write about.  That especially happens around midterm as we crawl towards Spring Break.  On more week before refreshing can commence.

It is often the case, however, that events provide an idea.  This one crystalized with plf515‘s morning offering, WGLB presents: Stereotype.

In my mind I teamed this together with several other recent events, listed after the fold, and the idea of writing about teaching against stereotypes arose.  I’m hoping to generate some helpers, both in the here and now and to pick up the burden after I die.

Stereotypes are ubiquitous.  I battle them consistently.  All my political battles, not just for GLBT rights, but also for Native American rights, against the English-only doofi, for the poor and downtrodden, against racism and religious and ethnic discrimination, for the equality of women, against bullying…and so many, many more, all have at their root the battle against stereotypes.

Be aware that if you choose this path, you will be called sanctimonious, self-absorbed, self-important, thin-skinned fascist against freedom of speech.

If that’s the price to be paid, so be it.