Horrible scene at the Holocost Museum today 20090610

The news today was just horrible.  An old racist decides to go out with “cannons blazing”, and he did.  He cost the life of a decent person, and nearly his own.  I hope that this guys lives over it.

I want him tried and convicted (if the evidence is there), and then sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.  He is no hero, he is a coward.  He is not in any way honorable, he is to be kept in the deepest of contempt.

People like him give people like me a horrible name.  I own guns, more than most progressives would say were necessary.  I have never used even one of them against another person, but I certainly would if that other person were coming into my house illegally.  I wonder, as a felon, how he got a gun anyway.  He should not have had the privilege, unless the laws in Maryland are different that other states.

Last thought, he, as far as I can tell, got ONE shot off with a .22 calibre rifle and killed a man.  As a weapon of murder, a .22 is just about the worst one ever designed for a one shot kill.  It works well on rabbits and squirrels, but to kill a human with one either means a very lucky shot or a very well placed one.  I doubt that an 88 year old man could place a shot very well.

This is just a very sad situation.  Again, I hope that this guy lives to face a court of law.

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  1. in MD, but I can tell you that when I moved to NYC in 1983, most of the guns used in crimes there were illegally brought in from two states:  PA and VA.

    VA’s gun laws were and still are notoriously lax.

    In PA, all you needed was a PO box.  Order the gun, have it delivered to your PO box, take I-80 to PA, retrieve gun, sell it on the black market.  Simple as pi and very lucrative.  No PA cops would touch you b/c it was all legal.

    Where I live now, in a small city in south-central PA, there are shootings about every week.  The mayor of Philly has pleaded with the state for stricter gun control policies in his city.

    Nope.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Why?  The state lege decided upon a one-size-fits-all gun policy here.  So if you live in Potter County (mostly forestland) or if you live in Philly or Pittsburgh (urban)  the policy is exactly the same.

    As for VA?  At gun shows, they don’t even screen people for felonies…anyone can buy anything they want, or so I understand (can’t swear to this).

  2. sounds fun.

    Anyway, the .22 pistol is well respected for the ability to quietly pop 3 pills into the back of a skull at short range.  

  3. is that a Black man died protecting the Holocaust Museum.  I think that the American Jewish leadership needs to reach out to that family and to make contact with the Black leadership in the DC area.  It’s obvious to me that, once again, Black people and Jewish people need to stand together.  We will never see the kind of solidarity expressed in the late fifties and early sixties, but something good can come out of this.  

    We shall see.  

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