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JOBS: Research and Science

A little back round. There once was a Huge Linen Factory, called Cannon than Pillow Tex {sp?}, than something else after I moved here of which the name eludes me. Well they closed it down a few years ago with thousands of job loses not only within but the supporting small companies. It was one of the biggest, if not thee biggest, collective job loss numbers in North Carolina.

They finally tore down the old factory and rearranged the whole area it stood on and around it. In it’s place they’ve now got three goodsize buildings and a parking garage, more is to come but because of the economic situation expansion has stopped. What they are putting in place of this once thriving factory is the North Carolina Research Campus {NCRC}

I’m posting this up, just this one time, as I realize there may be someone, or a few, who might have already lost their jobs or they fear that’s coming, and so far I have No Qualifications for any positions they are seeking, so why not help others with the information.