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A little back round. There once was a Huge Linen Factory, called Cannon than Pillow Tex {sp?}, than something else after I moved here of which the name eludes me. Well they closed it down a few years ago with thousands of job loses not only within but the supporting small companies. It was one of the biggest, if not thee biggest, collective job loss numbers in North Carolina.

They finally tore down the old factory and rearranged the whole area it stood on and around it. In it’s place they’ve now got three goodsize buildings and a parking garage, more is to come but because of the economic situation expansion has stopped. What they are putting in place of this once thriving factory is the North Carolina Research Campus {NCRC}

I’m posting this up, just this one time, as I realize there may be someone, or a few, who might have already lost their jobs or they fear that’s coming, and so far I have No Qualifications for any positions they are seeking, so why not help others with the information.

This is the new position posted on the NC Research Campus Job Board

Metabolomics Lab Analyst, David H. Murdock Research Institute – PDF

Job Description

The Metabolomics Laboratory Analysts will participate in the daily operation of a large set of analytical instrumentation

dedicated for metabolomics research, primarily performing mass spectroscopy- or NMR-based experimental procedures

for the analysis of chemical, phytochemical, and/or human biological samples.

The positions require extensive hands-on expertise with either high performance nanoscale liquid chromatography, gas

chromatography, and mass spectrometry or high-profiled nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The skills required

include chemical treatment and preparation of various types of samples, hardware skills (operation, maintenance and

troubleshooting) as well as software skills (database searching, laboratory instrument operating systems, laboratory

information management systems, and statistical analysis).

For more details, visit David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI)

Sequence Analysis Laboratory Manager – PDF

Job Description

As the Sequencing Laboratory Manager, you will collaborate with NCRC faculty and corporate clients to design, run and analyze experimental approaches for re-sequencing and de novo sequencing (whole organism or targeted from sequence capture by Sanger and next-generation sequencing), gene expression, methylation profiling, and ChIP-Seq. The successful candidate will manage all aspects of projects, from shipment and receipt of sample to data delivery, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. As the manager, you will develop standard operating procedures within a controlled document environment, conduct quality control assays, monitor process control and work with the bioinformatics group to perform data analysis.

For more details, visit David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI)

Research Technician Positions – Microarray and Sequencing Facilities – PDF

Job Description

The DHMRI is currently seeking full time Research Technicians for the Genomics Core Facility. The Research

Technicians will provide laboratory support to either the Microarray or Sequencing Facilities within the Genomics Core.

These positions will involve the use of state-of-the art technologies for carrying out genetic and genomic analysis of

plants, animals and humans.

Applicants must have good knowledge of the principles and theories of molecular biology as obtained through a

bachelor’s degree. Applicants must possess excellent analytical, organization, communication, and computer skills. They

must have the ability to work independently and as part of a team, and they must be responsible and possess good

interpersonal skills. Experience is preferred with assays associated with molecular biology procedures, including Sanger

and next-generation sequencing, expression and genotyping microarrays.

For more details, visit David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI)

If you use the links above you can find out more about the Research Campus as well as a few more Job Listings. You can also sign on to receive the e-mails of positions as they place them.

Another place where you will find listings, though the numbers have gone down some, is here at the UNCCharlotte Employment Opportunities where you can place your resume than visit and apply for many varied positions as they list them.

Now just one new little bennie if you’re hired to work at the Campus and happen to end up living in town. The city, they like to call it that though it’s more in line as a village except in land size, has just passed a new ordinance: Kannapolis votes to allow hunting within city limits, so if you are a hunter as well and you happen to see a deer, I’ve rarely seen one and I’m not far from ‘the village’ but still in the city limits, you can get a number of dinners, main course, when you walk out your front or back door.

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    • jimstaro on February 27, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    If you’re secure in your jobs, own a home and aren’t having mortgage problems, aren’t much of a handyman or woman, live anywhere in this country, and still have a few bucks.

    Look around and see if your home needs repairs, before they get out of hand, or the need might be more space, or just an update, especially as you’re now probably thinking of staying settled longer than you might have before.

    Call in a small contractor, some still haven’t gone bust yet, and put them and their small crews and subs to work, giving you the satisfaction now that it won’t cost you huge amounts later if you wait!!!


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