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Grouunsdhog Day

According to Punxsutawney Phil there will be six moe weeks of winter. However, Staten Island Chuck disagrees saying Spring will soon be sprung. I am already sick if the dark days and snow. TMC Posted by ek hornbeck on February 2, 2019. Re-posted by TMC for ek. What would you do if you were stuck …

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Groundhog Day

Posted by ek hornbeck on February 2, 2019. Re-posted by TMC for ek. What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered? That about sums it up for me. Ned? Ned Ryerson?! Don’t Drive Angry! You like boats, but not …

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Riding Chariots of Fire

The tens of millions of Americans planning to vote for Romney and Republican candidates or Obama and Democratic candidates still don’t seem to understand how broken the political system is, they still can’t seem to grasp that there isn’t much point in voting when Wall Street owns 90 percent of the politicians.  They don’t like to think about politics, they can’t see the relentless corporate agenda behind all of the two-party system posturing, but they’ve seen plenty of movies, so maybe it can all be explained to them this way . . .  

The two-party system has torched you like The English Patient, your civil liberties are Gone With the Wind, open your newspaper and all you see is Pulp Fiction.  Nixon said he’d bring us together again, but we got Haldeman and Ehrlichman and their Little Shop of Horrors, Reagan promised morning in America, but we got Dog Day Afternoon, Bush promised compassionate conservatism, but we got the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the bankers and corporations promised jobs and prosperity, but we got Apocalypse Now.  

Put your popcorn down and tell me, do you understand what’s been happening here YET?


Well here’s a red-white-and-blue clue for you . . .



Hi, Cave-dwellers! Everybody please give up for Julia Rain, a knowledgeable pagan who has graciously lent her expertise and beautiful writing to tonight’s proceedings. Take notes, ask questions, and behave yourselves; I’ll be back next week, and there may well be a pop quiz. – Unitary Moonbat

In this Pagan exploration, I, your Resident Witch, will attempt to explain the Pagan holiday of Imbolc, which falls on February 2nd, and just what it has to do with cross-dressing children, the patron saint of abortion providers, voodoo angels with a hankering for hot peppers – and, of course, Groundhog Day.


Happy Groundhog Day

For regular people (whatever the heck “regular” means), Happy Groundhog Day! If you’re a Christian, then Happy Candlemas. For my Pagan friends, Happy Imbolc! But if you’re just a crusty old Celtic traditionalist type like  me, then happy  Lá Fhéile Bríghde! (Brighid’s Feast Day). Since Brighid is the patroness of writers, naturally I’ll be  celebrating her day with much feasting  and libations and getting  some writing done.