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It may be possible to Recycle CO2 — back into Fuel

One of my techie hopes is that Science will one day figure out how to Split our excess CO2 production, back into its component parts:  C and O  (harmless Carbon and Oxygen).

One small problem though — Carbon Chemical Bonds are among the strongest bonds out there.  These chemical bonds are the reason HydroCarbons (long chains of Carbon atoms tied to each other, and padded by Hydrogen Atoms), can power our homes, our vehicles, and our Electric power plants.

Burning a HydroCarbon molecule releases all that condensed Energy, previously stored in those Carbon Chain bonds, by millions of years of Geologic heat and pressure.

Just Think:







and you may get an idea WHAT “fueled” our Industrial Age — the quick and easy release of all that Chemical Energy, stored in all those Organic Carbon bonds.

Anyone got a Match?

Very Bad News About Global Warming


Fossil portrait of a Permian global-warming denier

While our feeble President had already diddled away a year with a “healthcare reform” before he even proposed a healthcare bill, and achieved absolutely nothing at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the real problems of Planet Earth have suddenly gotten much worse, and “unexpectedly huge quantities of Siberian methane are being released into the atmosphere” in the shallow waters of east Siberia.

Martians Demand Special Prosecutor For Bush War Crimes

Martians are smart people too, but they fart a lot it seems, and it’s given them away after hiding for eons.

Yesterday NASA scientists reported in Live Blogging The Mars Methane Mystery: Aliens At Last?, blogging at Blogs.DicoverMagazine.com that:

…they recorded plumes of methane rising from the surface of the Red Planet. Working back from their measurements of methane in the air, the researchers pinpointed some particular spots on Mars where the methane came from. And it’s a lot of methane they’re talking about-19,000 metric tons of the stuff in one plume.  It’s coming out of Mars at the same rate seen at methane-producing spots on Earth.

Those places on Earth happen to be places where microbes are churning the gas out. There might be other ways of getting plumes of methane into the air-generating it from magma, for example. But in a paper published today by Science, Mumma and his colleagues point to the possibility that microbes buried a mile or two under the surface of Mars might be responsible. There are certainly analogs here on Earth-or here under Earth. On our planet, scientists can study these deep microbes by traveling down through mine shafts. Sending the equipment to dig a mine shaft on Mars might be a wee bit expensive, unfortunately.

So-what’s going on?

What’s going on, you ask? Well, it turns out that after the Martians had been successfully hiding from Earthlings for billions of years, the Bush/Complicit Democrat/PNAC/Neocon faction that hijacked the US Government eight years ago and turned it into a murderous planet wide hegemonic killing machine of imperialism has finally pushed the Martians just a little too far, according to recent leaks by CIA spooks eager to save themselves from inclusion as defendants in war crimes prosecution of Bush, Cheney, Pelosi, Reid, and others.

This morning, less than a day after the NASA scientists reported the likelihood of life on Mars, their conjectures were confirmed incontrovertibly.

We are not alone in the universe. And apparently the rest of the universe is just as pissed as we are.

This morning another leak from another spook, this time in the State Department, has confirmed that a Diplomatic Communique was received from Mars addressed to the Bush Administration overnight.

Why would Martians talk to the Bush Administration you ask? Without even any pre-conditions?

It turns out that with all the recent media attention on a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute Bush and Cheney and others, the Petition For A Special Prosecutor has apparently made its way to Mars too, along with old television transmissions of The Prisoner with famed British actor Patrick McGoohan (RIP), and has been enthusiastically received there.

The Martian Diplomatic Communique was delivered in the form of one single image transmitted through NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover, and is reproduced below…