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NY State Sen Diane Savino On Gay Marriage

I am so proud that I had the opportunity to help elect this woman. Even though the NY State Senate voted down same sex marriage equality, Sen Savino’s words are so eloquent. It is so sad that her fellow legislators did not hear her words and comprehend their meaning. Sen. Savino says it all for me and so many others.

hellooooo . . . Caroline is a BETTER democrat

Caroline Kennedy has written two books about aspects of the U.S. Constitution.  Ms. Kennedy has studied the Constitution. wOw. Studied the founding document of our country… has a law degree and been an advocate for public (PUBLIC) education and the arts and has served the public to champion these causes.

She believes in political courage.

These are serious times. Ms. Kennedy is a serious person. Not an ideologue. I think she feels called to the service of her country. Not to attain power. But to serve. Now, what more do you people (at dKos) want?

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