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we’re leaving DEMOCRATS, not the left

The left is leaving the left? This puzzles me. I’ve left the Democratic party but nobody is pulling me from my leftward leanings.

Or is this another orchestrated piece of bullshit to keep people attached to a political brand (Democrat)? Somehow the left is once again being misrepresented…

And that’s all I wanted to say. Let’s not be fooled again, guys. Let’s not hang desperately onto Democrats like we have no other choices.

We have choices. But what is it we want to accomplish? Really. What is achievable? Measurable by a wide audience? Where’s the best value for effort?

For me, it has remained thus: reinstate the fucking rule of law. Simple. Demand and achieve this: that those we elect to enforce and uphold our laws are held accountable to those laws. And then? Make sure those laws represent the very best of our values and ethics. Return law to justice. Not convenience or expedience. Not law based on fear or trying to control the things.

Get local and regional: School boards, town boards, zoning boards. Set good examples. Be honest. Be tolerant. Be practical.

We need a values change. Blame games, lambasting others, trying to derail the Sarah Palins of the world by calling them stupid isn’t getting it done… especially when we ought to understand what makes her a study in effectiveness. for me, it only exposes how ignorant and intolerant we are. Or maybe we’re just lazy. But give me a plan that doesn’t involve electing more and better democrats.

Anyway… that’s a 30.


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the value of nothing. . . pII

It can only be attributable to human error.


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