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Argentina: Zanon belongs to the workers

Orignal article, written by the workers of Zanon-Sindicato Ceramistas in Neuquén, Argentina and subtitled “After 9 years of struggle we have achieved the definitive expropriation of our factory.” Via In Defence of Marxism.

After 9 years of struggle we have achieved the definitive expropriation of our factory.

The path taken by the workers at Zanon would not have been possible without previously seizing our union representation from the trade union bureaucracy.

Argentina: They’ve made history – Workers will be owners of Ceramica Zanón

Original article, by ANRED, via In Defence of Marxism:

It would seem that the force of the wind, which was blowing at more than 60 km/hr in the Neuquén capital, was an omen of what was to come. 26 deputies supported the definitive expropriation and this sealed the declaration that the factory was of public interest and the transfer of Cerámica Zanon to the Fasinpat cooperative.

In bid for loans, Detroit auto makers outline plans for drastic downsizing

Original article, by Jerry White, via World Socialist Web Site:

The CEOs of Detroit’s Big Three auto companies are appearing before the Senate Banking Committee today to present plans for the restructuring of the US auto industry as they seek federal loans to avert bankruptcy. The plans involve the destruction of the jobs and living standards of tens of thousands of auto workers and factory closures that will devastate communities across the country.