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Friday Night at 8: Backalley Blogging

The irony of backalley blogging on the FP has already been noted.  As has this:

Sometimes while prowling back alleys you find things that don’t bear the light of day, brass ritual cymbal turns out to be a trashcan cover, exotic seafood dinner is really rotten fish guts.

Yet perhaps there’s some truth to these lies.

Here in NYC the sun has gone down.  That’s the time to prowl.

With no apparent purpose, I will say that from an artistic view I’ve been frustrated by folks characterizing the far left as a given known group.  Ever since I started hearing the stories of the hippies from the 60s and their adventures, I don’t see how they are ever truly portrayed in our political discourse and yet I would maintain they are the true left who inherited the real mantle from the same folks who worked for social justice in the 30s and 40s, those who came from Eastern Europe for good or ill who had a real revolutionary vision of equality and human rights which was passed through the wild American filter culminating in a generation of visionaries who to this day have not received their true (and well deserved) portrait in our album of history.  I’ve also, in recent years, come to both meet and read about some of the fierce young people who have that same spirit but in a far more difficult environment, they hop trains and live on the street and protest from sheer howling passion, and these kids have not had their portrait included either.  Anyway, just had to get that off my chest.  

Friday Night at 8: Fragments

As I am resting in my own confusion at the moment, refusing to be swayed by even the best of writing, waiting for my own view to emerge, fragments of visions appear.

Resting in my own confusion.  You see, I have no great position of power so I can freely confess I don’t know what to make of the country of which I am a citizen.

I’ve written a little bit about freedom of information — that accountability is not just catching crooks and putting them in jail, but allowing the citizens of this country to be truly informed.  We have become a wierd mix of incredible secrecy in the halls of power, be they government or private business and no privacy allowed for the rest of us.

That can’t be good.

I have no doubt that the Obama Administration will do everything they can to get as much information as they can about what has gone on these past eight years.  They really don’t have any choice, after all.  Each member of Obama’s cabinet will inherit a big giant awful stinky mess.  Consider the EPA, just as the first thing that came to mind.  Not only will whoever heads the EPA have to deal with the climate crisis and the effects of all the deregulation that has gone on while corporations have basically set policy for that Department, they will also have to confront criminal acts, at the very least politicization of the Department (a’la the DOJ) and at most … well I shudder to think.

This mix of criminality, corruption and incompetence will be quite a challenge.

My question, though, is whether or not they will share all this information with the rest of us.

I think that’s a very important issue.  We can’t make informed decisions as citizens if we are not informed.

Friday Night at 8: Core

Everybody’s talking about the center and where is the center and who comprises the center and then, of course, if you find yourself not included in this new definition of the center it’s like childhood games of musical chairs that moment everyone else grabbed a seat and you’re standing there, going “huh.”

Last one to the trough is a goober!

And the strange thing is I don’t really even know where the trough is or what’s in it or if I’d even like to partake.  But boy do I feel the vibe urging me onward like a madwoman at a sale at Century 21, the Downtown location, yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Thing is, whenever  I get this feeling, that vibe pushing me along when I don’t recall asking for the shove, I get suspicious.

I start thinking, “is this some shiny distraction?”

Center.  Bah.