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Fraudensheude means “No.”

Fraudensheude means “No, we are not all responsible.”

“Whoever commits a fraud is guilty not only of the particular injury to him who he deceives, but of the diminution of that confidence which constitutes not only the ease, but the very existence of a society.” Samuel Johnson

As the hearings and scandals progress, and the revelations and charges start to cut closer to the heart of the credit swindles, inevitably there will be a movement [led by Barack Obama] to say, “We are all responsible. Let’s allow bygones to be bygones, it was all a misunderstanding. Let’s move on to something new. Justice is not important, and cannot be done.”

There will be long accountings of how the problems arose, and how changes in the banking laws, broker deregulation, and the erosion of elite privileges compelled the Wall Street banks to take more and greater risks, to violate unspoken understandings about customer relationships, to take great risks, to bend the laws, to use money and influence to suborn perjury and the breaking of oaths, and to generally undermine the fabric of government.

There will be long analyses that suggest that trust has been lost, the trust that binds the social and financial interactions of people. And there will be an effort to regain that trust, to promise change and reform, and of course, justice.

As for justice they will say, but aren’t we all responsible? Didn’t we all believe the promise that ‘greed is good?’


In contrast to schadenfreude, which means “taking delight in someone else’s misery,” Fraudensheude means, “No, we do not accept responsibility for your acts of fraud.”

The End Of An Error: George W Bush, W.P.E.


Good bye George. My only regret as to your leaving is that the American People didn’t get to kick you out “in person,” but have to use McSame as proxy

Not just the Worst President Ever. But the the worst of everything about America. Swaggering, arrogant, and PROUD of being dumb. Greedy and cruel, a President for less (as we are about to find out) than half of America. Uniter my chapped ass. You were President of the worst half of America, representing only their interests and their world view, which explicitly explains (along with the dumb thing) why you were….and hopefully always will be….the Worst President Ever.

Your crimes (actual and symbolic) are too numerous to list, but we will be trying after tomorrow, as we push to Impeach!!! you one more time to prevent you from pardoning Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales and the rest of the crooks and liars and thugs and cronies you surrounded yourself with in your apparent quest to destroy all that IS good about America. Just like you pardoned (effectively) Scooter Libby for covering up the Plame Treason. Remember that one George? Where yer boyz outted an entire CIA anti-nuke counter terrorism network….while you were attempting to terrify us using the threat of nukulur terrurists?


Ah, the good old days!