The End Of An Error: George W Bush, W.P.E.


Good bye George. My only regret as to your leaving is that the American People didn’t get to kick you out “in person,” but have to use McSame as proxy

Not just the Worst President Ever. But the the worst of everything about America. Swaggering, arrogant, and PROUD of being dumb. Greedy and cruel, a President for less (as we are about to find out) than half of America. Uniter my chapped ass. You were President of the worst half of America, representing only their interests and their world view, which explicitly explains (along with the dumb thing) why you were….and hopefully always will be….the Worst President Ever.

Your crimes (actual and symbolic) are too numerous to list, but we will be trying after tomorrow, as we push to Impeach!!! you one more time to prevent you from pardoning Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales and the rest of the crooks and liars and thugs and cronies you surrounded yourself with in your apparent quest to destroy all that IS good about America. Just like you pardoned (effectively) Scooter Libby for covering up the Plame Treason. Remember that one George? Where yer boyz outted an entire CIA anti-nuke counter terrorism network….while you were attempting to terrify us using the threat of nukulur terrurists?


Ah, the good old days!

And now here we are, on the brink of repudiating everything you stand for, and bury your wet dream of a Permanent Republican Majority under a landslide of newly elected Democrats.

Feel the burn Georgie, feel it. FEEL the fail. Take your blinders off…


and your earplugs out and listen and look as your world crashes and burns, having been pulled down by those very traits you represent, stupidity, arrogance, and a metric fuckton of WRONG.


Don’t get me wrong George, it really IS not personal, it really IS (for me) about what you represent, not who you are. There are plenty of phony-ass, low IQ, dickheads out there who would have been happy to pretend that they were from Texas, pretend that they were God’s Chosen one to lead a Crusade against nearly a quarter of the People on the planet, those Dirty Terrurist Muslims, happy to pretend that they were smart enough to be president, or were honest, or had integrity…or pretend they knew what the fuck they were doing. Who would pretend that they would bring “Integrity back to the White House while preparing to plunder the national treasury of blood and money and honor and morality. I guarantee I would have despised them just as much as I have despised and ridiculed you. It’s not personal.


Though I must admit, it would have been difficult to find anyone else who was not just the son of president, but ALSO a lifelong failure who destroyed everything he touched in his life….with the panache you brought to the task! You weren’t just a tragic failure, George! You were a SPECTACULAR tragic failure, I gotta give you that! And those style points just put the cherry on top of your spectacularly failed Presidency. Your legacy as The. Worst. President. Ever. is secured, George. No one (knock wood) will ever surpass you for sheer incompetence. No one will ever ‘better’ your record of perpetrating and creating failure after failure after tragic failure. You are IT, baby! George Bush, W.P.E.


As the legacy you have created, two failed wars, a crumbling economy, the destruction of our military AND our diplomatic corps, and Department of Justice, the nastiest chapter of the Culture Wars to date, launching the Last Crusade and the complete evisceration and destruction of America’s image in the world, haunts your steps…..Go George.

Just …..go.

Run away to wherever failures who have betrayed everything that their countries stand for go.


But don’t make the mistake (ha!) of thinking that that noise you hear as you are leaving…


….has anything to do with the job you have done. It is the sound of a grateful nation as it watches your sorry ass fade over the hills and into the into the sunset of history. Goodbye and good riddance. Go, and take your henchbeasts with you into that long dark night…




rummy high priest

This is NOT your world, anymore…



But as you leave….know that at least SOME of us have not forgotten you. Not forgotten your War Crimes, that you burned children with white phosphorous in Iraq, that you not just tortured innocent people, but that you created and entire STRUCTURE for the purpose of torturing. We will not forget that you invaded a sovereign country in aggressive war, and caused up to a million deaths FOR NO REASON the most serious breach of civilization there is. We will not forget that you spied on us, and that you targeted groups who were working for peace to spy on…including freaking Quakers fer Gawd’s sake. We will not forget any of your other numerous crimes either.

Oh no, you may be escaping from your Presidency, but we will do our best to make sure you don’t escape your reponsibilty.

A Dios George, if he will have you.


But know that..


and I am not the only one!

In conclusion, George allow me to say…


But hey! Thanks for letting me use all these graphics one more time!


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  1.  Taking glee in the demise of my enemy?

    You bet your ass!


  2. I like how the puppet master bestowed his blessing on Bush’s would be successor. The kiss of death. So sweet to watch, they finally wrecked something that needed to be destroyed.    

    • robodd on November 3, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    we still only know the half of it.

    I’m thinking this current economic crisis is the final Bush FU, a manipulation designed to wreak havoc on an Obama administration.

    • OPOL on November 3, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Like he hasn’t done enough damage yet.  For crying out loud George, give it a rest.

    But for sure, no ponies.

    • Edger on November 3, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    And even if George isn’t there to kick around as prez anymore private citizens can be arrested for past war crimes.

  3. …for his crimes except in our hearts.

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