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Pique the Geek 20110605: Misconceptions about Science

This week we shall explore misconceptions about science generally, and then take a few specific cases for further examination.  There are a few concepts that are essential to understand about what makes science work, and why it is the best tool that we have to understand the natural world, and to use science to improve the human condition.

There are two fundamental large scale misconceptions about science, and we shall treat them first.  Then there are an almost unlimited supply of what I call false science, meaning that scientific terms and logic based on incorrect premises are used in attempts by those who actually know better to influence people.  The fundamental misconceptions are sort of to be expected from folks who are not educated in science, but he false science is used by nefarious persons to influence those not versed in real science, usually for a monetary or a social goal or goals.  Please let us explore.

The Fear Campaign being waged for Oil Industry Independence

There is a battle going on for the hearts and minds of Americans, regarding our Energy Future.

Given the well-funded nature of this Ad Campaign — we probably shouldn’t expect any changes in our “Energy Economics” Future, anytime soon.

The Breaking Point

from AmericanSolutions  188 Videos


“Stop the National Energy Tax.”

 — Paid for by American Solutions for Winning the Future.

Who or What is ASWF ???

Sounds harmless, enough …

First Rule of effective Public Relations Branding:

Do No Harm … and sound innocuous.

Clean Coal; Bloody Hands

Mine Explosion Survivor Interview

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.  BeThink.org

Citizens heard the news.  In West Virginia, twenty-five people perished.  Hard-working miners left their homes and loved ones, never to return again.  Upper Big Branch, a colliery owned and operated by the Massey Energy Company exploded from within.  The cavern, filled with gas, was often thought to be a death trap.  Family, friends, and familiars knew this, as did government officials.  Actually, any American who cares to be cognizant of the countless considerations associated with coal mining could have predicted what occurred only days ago.  Yet, most choose not to think of their own culpability in the most recent deaths.  Nor do our countrymen and women contemplate the constant infirmity and harm they do to our fellow humans.  We are busy.

Copenhagen Ho!!!

The Climate Change summit in Copenhagen is off and running. The Climate Change deniers are going all the way to criminal trying to pretend that scientists debating science and tweaking models means something other than science being science. Climate Change opportunists are going supercritical in their efforts to use the issue as reason to corner the subsidies market for their cash cows. Climate Change Chicken Littles are streaking through the streets screaming hyperbolic inanities nobody in their right mind believes. It’s a regular Big Business these days, no matter where you may stand. Sad truth is that nothing effective can come of this kind of polarization. Which is the point of purposefully engineered polarization, of course.

So I thought it might be helpful to make note of a few observations and a few points of knowledge about where we are today and how we got here, in hopes of clarifying things if that’s possible.

Name That Candidate

Original article, by Joe Mowrey and sub-titled Which Candidate Supports Petraeus, the Bailout, the Death Penalty, Nuclear Power, the Occupation, the Cuban Embargo …, via counterpunch.com.

Ooooh…a guessing game. I wonder who it could be? Hmmmm?  Let’s find out below the fold!