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I’m so doggone chirped out! I betcha I’m a-gonna puke! Uhl-ASS-kuh!!

One heart beat away. One seventy-two year old, multiple melanoma’d, Alzheimer’s befuddled heart beat away. It doesn’t get any crazier than this.

The neocons actually have their own version of reality where a person so colossally unqualified can be president. They’ve just had eight years of a stand-up cardboard cutout of a president so they assume that we’ll just buy into another four years of their inbred belief system. This is un-fucking-believable.

I was going to put together some thoughtful essay on my first sixty years on this planet. In less than two hours I’ll complete the Chinese calendar full cycle of twelve signs and five elements. It’s a big deal in Asia. After tonight I’m thanking God for the transience of this life. I’ve lost two people very close to me over the last three weeks. Lucky them. They both went peacefully – while America is still more or less (mostly less) free. There are things far worse than death and we’re just some hacked voting machines away from experiencing them.

As tonight’s performance settles in there’s one feeling just surging up in me. Just who the fuck do these people think they are insulting my intelligence with this ticket of a semi-senile old fart with no moral center and a valley-girl airhead? Talk radio Uhmerica will be falling all over themselves tomorrow saying how great she was. A very significant percentage of the population will gladly, no- make that eagerly, buy into that bullshit. What happened to this country? I can understand the inbreeding that takes place in some remote areas of the hillier landscape being a partial rationale but 40%+ ???

People have to be willfully ignorant to buy into such insanity. What I saw and heard tonight was a US senator and a high school beauty queen on the same stage applying for the number two spot in the executive branch.

At my age I admit to having gotten in under the legal wire on the stuff Owsley made – and therefore I was grandfathered in. But every time I checked out for a few hours I always came back to the same old reality. Is it possible that 40% of the population – almost all of whom seem highly unlikely to have shared the experience – has ingested some substance which the rest of us have somehow managed to avoid so far?

The worst part is that the oligarchy, or the powers that be, or whatever you want to call the masters, must be laughing their asses off at us for eating this shit. As I said in a comment yesterday, we have two choices from here on out: we either grab our ankles or stand up. I’m too old to be grabbing my ankles for anyone.