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I Hate Writing About Myself…..

when it comes to personal problems. They’re difficult to write about. And I know there are folks who’ve far worse problems and who are in far worse shape and in far worse situations than I am. And I’m grateful that I’m not in their shoes.

And more important things are going on in the world–things about which I’ve often been writing and will be writing more. So I’m not a whiner.

But currently I’m in a situation where I can use some support and friendly advice…

An Empty Street

I went to pick up my parts.  For twenty years we have done great things at Victor’s machine shop.  It was always hard to find a parking spot but today the street was empty.  I am a dinosaur destined for extinction, an engineer and part of a working R&D group in a manufacturing industry.  Most rare these days.

“1 Dead In Attic…..

After Katrina” is a haunting, evocative chronicle by Chris Rose, through his Times-Picayune columns, of his own life and that of a New Orleans not only struggling to recover but to survive. Not in chronological order but arranged by theme, the columns start with Sept. 1, 2005 and end with Dec. 31, 2006.

As he often speaks for a Louisiana in pain, Rose eloquently describes not only the surrealness of her post-Katrina landscape but also some intriguing, often eccentric characters he meets in his beloved city and his own descent into the private hell of depression–and that of those around him. “1 Dead In Attic” should be required reading for anyone who wants to know what life in New Orleans after what Rose often calls “the Thing” was, and still is, like from the inside.

Bummer (poor title choice)

C’mon people, this isn’t the place I’ve come to know and love lo these many, uh, weeks.  You’re going to ruin our reputation as sycophantic lightweights that have no clue about the real world.  I for one will not stand for it! 
I am a clueless lightweight! 
I’m just a -50-something lonely guy with no job and no future- who just wants to have some fun.

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