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U. S. Air Force blocks access to media publishing Wikileaks

I need to do something about these late breaking bombshells.  they’re not good for my health.  I should be going to bed, but instead I’m here at my keyboard.  This was just too, too precious to resist:

In a brain-melting move, the cyber-guardians of the 24th Air Force have blocked user access to nytimes.com, the Wall Street Journal reports, to prevent airmen from reading the WikiLeaks cable descriptions that the Times is publishing. It’s not just the Times, either: other news organizations with early access to the purloined WikiLeaks diplomatic trove are banned. That’ll teach you to read the Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais or Der Spiegel at work.

It’s too late to say more, and all you really need is the original article, “Air Force Blocks WikiLeaks-Publishing Times Website”.  There’s a great photo of about 15 uniformed air force nerds sitting in their numbered computer cubicles working to protect the troops from the treasonous propaganda truth.  “ by Spencer Ackerman .

How dumb can they be?  Don’t they realize the kids can figure out how to get other access?

We need more ponies…

To reproduce and continue the species, we need…

…more ponies!

Blatant Promotion: JUST SAY NOW … Updated

You can help California legalize pot (Proposition 19 on the November ballot) and get a groovy T-shirt or other cool stuff in the process.  I told you this was blatant.

California’s “Just Say Now” campaign:

We just launched the new Just Say Now online store – and Facebook already banned it.

One of the best ways to show your support for legalizing marijuana is with our Just Say Now gear. All proceeds from our store go to support our efforts to pass marijuana initiatives in 2010.

You’ll spread the word about our campaign, and support our organizing at the same time. It’s a win-win for legalizing marijuana – even if Facebook won’t let us show you our store.

Pick up your gear now at the Just Say Now store – and stick it to Facebook’s censorship.


[To see] what we have in our brand new store, go to firedoglake.

Hey!  This is cool!

Update 9/23/10: Latest poll results on Cal Prop 19 to legalize marijuana:

California is ready to control and tax cannabis rather than prohibit it.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) has Prop 19 up 9 points, 47-38. Survey USA has us up 5 points, 47-42.

Of particular note, voters under the age of 45 are expected to turn out in higher numbers in California than other states. This is likely because of the excitement throughout the state over Prop 19. According to PPP, among these younger voters, we’re up 20 points, 54-34.

Way Cool!


Caption This…

Double Dog Dare

Sweet Comic Relief

Help! My government is trying to kill me. Part 1

I’m a U. S. citizen.  I was born here.  I was born into the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So it was a complete, dis-orienting shock when I got a brief glimmer of the fact that my government was trying to kill me.  That was 1984.  Since then, I have seen, repeatedly, the undeniable reality of this situation.  

Yes, my government is trying to kill me.  Not consciously, not through intention nor plan; my government is trying to kill me in absentia, through total denial of responsibility, through attrition.

Attrition!  A vague, amorphous assignation of causation to indeterminate factors far removed from individual, human accounting.  Noone is to blame.  Noone is responsible.  It is a random act of the universe.  It is attrition!

But as you try to kill me, try to state your plausible reasons…

Something inside me rises up, even against the fatal blow, and says,  “No!  This is a lie! You will not kill me in a lying deceit.”  I will withstand long enough to call your fraud, your devious bluff.

You are killing me because I am inconvenient for you, because our species has exceeded the carrying capacity of the planet and something must be done to relieve the over-population problem.  You are killing me, out of attrition, because you cannot admit the magnitude of your great mistakes.

You think you must reduce the excess population you allowed, as quickly and as quietly as is possible.

But your random attribution calculations of expendibility did not forsee nor calculate  the fact of highly intelligent, highly evolved beings who could and would see right through your machinations to maintain “residual” control.  Yet many of us remain, and will not lightly acquiesce to your inability to honor life.

I do not acquisce to your desire to silence me.  I, and others like me, will rise up to contest the error of your ways.

Funky Friday

Since Budhy has abdicated his responsibility to provide:

Friday Funk for His Friends

it looks like i’m going to have to start things off with Cat.