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Arrest Economic Terrorists, our only hope of salvaging something of our economy and tax dollars.

The economic crisis can be summed up in three words TRUST, CREDIT and TERRORISM.  

Banks do not Trust each other so they are not willing to provide Credit to each other. During this economic panic, Paulson used terrorist tactics of threats and fear of economic collapse to coerce Congress to give him Czar like powers over our tax dollars.

Why don’t financial institutions trust each other?  Because for years they have been cooking the books, claiming they have more value than they really do.  So now that things have gotten tight no one is willing to issue Credit to anyone else because no believes what anyone claims they are worth (and rightly so).

Overnight Caption Contest


Overnight Caption Contest

Bush Finally Unites Americans – in Outrage!

The top of the volcano is starting to come off. Here’s some a’a and pahoehoe (actually, it’s more of a pyroclastic flow):

Naomi Klein


Boston Sunday Globe

NYT on Foreign Banks bellying up

Agence France-Presse

Wall-to-wall on HuffPo

I got this in my mailbox from democrats.com – a call for Bush/Cheney/Paulson to resign:


You may want to take about one minute or so to go add your name to the petition. Send it along to friends and family to sign up, too.

Educate yourself tonight or first thing tomorrow. Take the time to read the bill. It’s incumbent on you as a citizen to be self-informed. This proposed bill is a total give-away with no accountability whatever for any decisions made. No oversight. No redress. Pure Bush/Cheney. This is the Patriot Act stampede all over again – and we know where that got us.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m on the phone first thing tomorrow to my CC Bill Delahunt and Sen Teddy and Sen Diebolded. I want blood – and I’m a peaceful man. I intend to raise my voice in anger. No more Mr. Nice Guy polite BS. I’ve been through that with Delahunt on impeachment to no avail. Gloves are off now.

No bum’s rush to judgement on this one. It took the assholes eight years to screw things up this badly. They can wait eight weeks to get a better thought-out fix. We’re about to get the hosing of all human history if this goes through as is.

For our sake and for the sake of the coming generations, we need to stop the madness NOW! This is one bridge to oblivion too far. It’s time to stop the billionaire welfare. We need to start taking care of our own.

It’s time to hit the streets, people. The conservatives – the real ones – will be right there with us. Bush has finally united all of us in a way that he could never have foreseen. There comes a point in time when you have to say Enough! You can lie down and let them walk over you or you can stand up and start to act like a free people with basic rights and simple human dignity.

We need a Shock and Awe campaign by the taxpayers and for the taxpayers. Get on the phones Monday: federal and state politicians; newspapers; local TV stations; radio stations; pound out those LTEs to every paper you can name. We need a nation-wide firestorm of public outrage in time for the 6:00 news shows.

Get on it. Stay on it. Don’t stop. Let it all out. Hold no outrage back. Raise your voices. Let them feel the anger and outrage. Make it visceral. Scare them. Make them feel fear. Make them tremble. Let them know we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Tomorrow, September 22, is the Equinox. It’s a powerful day for change. Make it happen!

The Toilet Paper Revolution

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Good morning, Ameeeeeriiiiica!

People are waking up to the incredible fraud that is being perpetrated by the investment banksters, the former Goldman Sachs bankster, Henry Paulson, and the complicit Democratic Congressional leadership.

Now this abomination is on the fast track to passage just like what happened with the Patriot Act after another “unforeseeable” crisis.

And your cards, letters, calls and emails will have about as much impact as they did with Alito and FISA.

So here’s an idea that might get some media attention and put some pressure on these thieves and their accomplices.