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Obama: “Fire the whole trickle-down, on-your-own, look-the-other-way crowd”


Barack Obama campaigned Thursday in EspaƱola, New Mexico.

At a rally there, he responded to McCain’s weak call to fire Christopher Cox, SEC chairman, and former Republican congressman from California.

Reuters reports, Obama implies McCain is ranting:

“You can’t erase 26 years of support for the very policies and people who helped bring on this disaster with one week of rants,” Obama said.

Why just stop at firing Cox as one symbolic scapegoat?

In response to McCain’s call for getting rid of the SEC chairman, Obama said: “Here’s what I say — in 47 days you can fire the whole trickle-down, on-your-own, look-the-other-way crowd in Washington who have led us down this disastrous path. Don’t just get rid of one guy.”

Yeah! Obama is spot on here. It is the conservatives’ failed ideas and failed policies that have gotten our economy in this mess.

McCain Calls for SEC Chair Christopher Cox to be Fired

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At a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, IA on Thursday, John McCain laid part of the blame for our economic crisis on SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and said that he would fire Cox if he was President.  McCain said that Chairman Cox “in my view, has betrayed the public’s trust. If I were President today, I would fire him.”