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Sometimes my reasoning is not very obvious and I feel compelled to explain my little amusements.

I’ve lost track of what I have and have not brought to your attention AND, YouTube being what it is, many of the embeds have changed so what I’m going to do about this situation is take a look at the back catalog, make sure it gets tagged and filed properly, and see if I can’t find an active replacement should it be necessary.

Some stuff I’m afraid has vanished into the ether, others are available only in an unacceptable quality.  Those that work or I can make work again I’ll share with you as I go along.  Once I have that done it will be much easier for me to find and identify new material.  I know there’s a ton of high quality Porky Pig in black and white that I’ve overlooked.

As always it would be interesting to hear from you what your favorites are.  If they are sufficiently available, numerous and short (less than 15 minutes per episode) I’ll be happy to feature a collection.

I’m starting today with the first entry, from April 4, 2011

Rebel Rabbit

This is my favorite Bugs Bunny ever.  I wonder if you can figure out why?

Pony Party: Classic Cartoons

If you’re like me, you grew up watching the classics in reruns on television.  Things like this:

Consider this my tribute to the forgotten (and misunderestimated) classic genre.  Please feel free to add your own favorites in the comments section of this post.

nota bene: YouTube says they will be doing some maintenance work about an hour after this is set to post.  (grumble, grunt, [many expletives deleted])  That probably means these YouTube videos won’t run.  [more expletives deleted]  I’m very sorry.  Here’s hoping that Bugs and Wile E. Coyote et alii can overcome bad juju from the software geeks.

NOTE: This is an Open Thread.  Please do not wRECk the Pony Party!