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A quicky re: Rush Limbaugh

So I wrote an email to (&&***&^&, C21, Auto Zone and a few other of Rush’s sponsors.  I know Auto Zone has said they are gonna drop him Day late and a dollar short but it helps. One though did respond.  I didn’t send an email with a title but in the subject I wrote this.

Dump Rush or do you agree with him?

They replied:

Response Via Email (Company Guy. – &*&^^&**, ME) 03/02/2012 07:25 PM

> Hello and thank you for contacting ***^&^&&* Customer Support in &&&**(,ME.

> My name is Company Guy.


> I apologize for any misunderstanding, but we do not endorse political views or opinions of the companies, magazines, newspapers, TV stations or radio stations that we advertise on. We simply choose a range of programs designed to reach a broad range of people so that might hear about %%$%^^&*&.


> Again I apologize, and have a great night!


> Please let us know if you need additional assistance.


> Sincerely,

> Company Guy.

To which I then replied

Company Guy;

   Thanks for the reply, I wonder what the viewing public of Salon, Daily Kos, Docudharma, The Stars Hollow Gazette and whomever else I can show you reply to will think of your rather Um Hm weak, equivocating, smarmy, Um well you know what I mean.  Sorry, you can’t advertise with someone with out at least tacitly supporting there views.  I mean really, without you money Mr Limbaugh wouldn’t have a bully pulpit to spew his rabid venom from.



Anyway, I thought everyone should get to see this and either laugh at me, scold me though for what I don’t know or maybe boycott all those companies who give money to folk like Rush.


Look, Sarah Palin Is A Pig Wearing Lipstick

and that is not a sexist comment.

The phrase “lipstick on a pig” is not a sexist comment.  The metaphor is that no matter what you do to prettify and try to make something bad look good, it is still bad.  And Palin’s record and what she believe is in bad.  No matter how much she says she applies the pro change, anti-cronyism, anti big government spending lipstick, the facts show her record is one of a pig.

So let’s stop with the nonsense.  The fact that Palin herself said the difference between a pit bull and hockey mom was lipstick does not mean that Obama called her a pig.  Even if he did, calling someone a pig is not sexist.  The fact that lipstick is applied to it simply does not render it so.