Look, Sarah Palin Is A Pig Wearing Lipstick

and that is not a sexist comment.

The phrase “lipstick on a pig” is not a sexist comment.  The metaphor is that no matter what you do to prettify and try to make something bad look good, it is still bad.  And Palin’s record and what she believe is in bad.  No matter how much she says she applies the pro change, anti-cronyism, anti big government spending lipstick, the facts show her record is one of a pig.

So let’s stop with the nonsense.  The fact that Palin herself said the difference between a pit bull and hockey mom was lipstick does not mean that Obama called her a pig.  Even if he did, calling someone a pig is not sexist.  The fact that lipstick is applied to it simply does not render it so.