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Governor Palin is McCain’s Dan Quayle

Hello, douchebags!

Not exactly a winning way to start a conversation, is it?

Yep. Too bad Dems haven’t learned a fucking thing about dis-respecting folks on the basis of gender.’Beauty queen’, ‘virgin’, and ‘no-nothing’ from `bum-fuck` Alaska is how a mother of five is being greeted by many of the morally and intellectually superior souls ‘transforming’ America for the better.  Faking a down-syndrome pregnancy? Openly comparing Gov. Palin to older porn stars? The bumper crop of crap at Huffpo is my favorite.

Change for the better?

If that means Andrew Sullivan on the front page of the Good Ship Lollipop insulting Governor Palin  as a ‘beauty queen’ you can keep it.

Forget that fact that Sarah Palin almost certainly knows a lot more about firing a gun than Sully. Or that Sully’s notion of ‘taking on the elements’ is a day on a P-Town beach without sunscreen; or an afternoon of rugby in wet underpants that really bunch.

Andy also seems to have forgotten that the last candidates he deemed fit to lead America created Abu Ghuraib. Not exactly a record of objective judgment to be proud of. Silly Sully still creams at the mention of murderous Maggie Thatcher and the man who did so much to bring the bomb to Pakistan: Ronald Reagan. But I digress.

Sarah Palin is a Governor for fuck sake. And Gov. Palin enjoys an 85% approval rating from her many constituents, which is a lot better than the candidate for change and the grandfather he drafted to butch up his campaign with ‘experience’ and ‘bare-knuckle’ toughness.

Governor Palin is a flake? Well, the flake sure is generating a lot of ink for a soul so light and facile. And if Dems are breathing an enormous sigh of relief, they’re doing a stupendous job of hiding it.

Given the enormous amounts of energy expended attacking McCain’s game-changing VP pick in just the last 48 hours, it seems Dems finally understand that McCain just might win the White House fair and square, unless Dems can make the charges of ‘racism’ stick. Dems may have already gone to the well once too often with that canard.

I was never going to support Obama. The cynicism of all three leading Dem candidates was a wake-up call for me. Edwards lied his fucking face off about banging his campaign staff while using his wife’s cancer as a shield to fend off pesky reporters, all the while bilking good, honest folks out of their nickels. Talk about a new standard in low.

Forget 75,000 screaming fans. America already has. The point is: Gov. Palin has shaken the Dems to their core. Dems can’t wait to pile on, and pile on the manure. Nice temple, btw.

Everyone is talking about Gov. Palin and the twist she puts in the race. You can smell Dem fear and the reason is simple: paint Gov. Palin as you like: Sarah Palin still represents a side of American life many of us love, respect and admire.

Gov. Palin is John McCain’s Dan Quayle? Maybe, but not quite yet. Truth be told, Gov, Palin still has to live up to that ‘high’ standard. Which makes the current panic all the more telling.

At first glance Gov. Palin more than fits the bill. Gov. Palin looks and sounds the same as Dan; and will definitely appeal to many of the folks who supported Hillary Clinton. The only one around here who really seems to understand the dynamics, and to be willing to talk openly about the threat Palin poses is Jay Elias. No surprise there.

As for the rest, whistling past the ice-cream stand, ask yourself this: how exactly did Dan Quayle spend the years 1988-1992? And if Palin really is McCain’s Quayle, what does that say about grandpa Biden, his thirty years in Congress, and the message of change?

Crack off about McSame all you like. That kind of comment hasn’t dented McCain’s support a bit; or raised Obama’s numbers.

Planning to volunteer in Obama’s wars to restore America’s image abroad in Pakistan or Afghanistan? Better give that one some thought, cause preaching peace Obama ain’t. More people are likely to end up dead with Obama trying to act tough than with McCain.

One thing for sure, should team ‘change’ carry the day: Obama’s daughters and family aren’t going to get any closer to combat than Dubya’s did. That job will fall to you or your kids.

McCain and Palin will stay the course and provide the support the Carter doctrine demands for US troops in the Middle East. Obama and Biden will tell Americans that the war in Iraq is over/lost and that American troops are leaving Iraq.

Problem is Obama and Biden will be sending US troops straight into Afghanistan and beyond.

Suck on that.


VP pick Sara Palin frightens me.

She frightens me because I fully understand the power of ultra conservative, fundamentalist women and I know how many of them there still are. All I have to do is go sit in a diner in any small town in Minnesota, and listen to nearby conversations for a half hour to know that things are not than much different today than they were in the 60’s, for women born and raised there.

Or I can simply stay home and spend time in the Lobby of this large senior apartment complex, and listen to my “good christian neighbors” bemoaning the lack of morals, those “godless gays”, and how “The blacks are everywhere now!”

Holy Crap! She’s My Age

Like everyone else, I've been mesmerized for the last few hours by the spectacle of Sarah Palin's selection as John McCain's running mate.  A few known facts about her are repeated…over and over.  And over.  But there's something I'm starting to see…and it's really pissing me off.  So you get…more outrage.  Our currency and gift.

Poor Sarah Palin . . .

Poor Sarah Palin . . .

Look at her up there smiling.  They always smile before they realize what’s about to happen to them.

Sarah Palin is about to become a human sacrifice to the electoral gods.

Random Strangeness

I don’t quite know what to make of this, but a Google search shows already 2,680 results for “VPILF”.  A Google blog search shows 246 results in the last 24 hours.

Color me unimpressed with the millions of cracks in the glass ceiling.

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